This is Africa: Vibrant recipes from across the continent

Get set for the next food revolution!

This is Africa: Vibrant recipes from across the continent

Chef Zoe Adjonyoh is the Ghanian-Irish founder of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, a restaurant and catering company that specialises in African cuisine. In 2017, she published her first cookbook, also named Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen.

Zoe says: "African cuisine is so exciting because the food is amazingly rich and diverse.

"Between the North, South, East and West of the continent, the influences are so broad. It goes from being quite spice-heavy on the West coast, to more aromatic and fermented foods in Ethiopia and Eritrea in the East. Then down towards Kenya and Uganda, you have that lovely, rich, Indian influence. I think we’re on the cusp of an African food revolution – it’s been a bit of a 'slowly, slowly, softly, softly' movement, but now there are lots of chefs who are profiling West African food and flavours in a way that’s accessible to an even bigger audience.

"There’s so much to African food, most of which has yet to be explored in the UK and Europe – and that makes a really exciting future for food."

To get a taster of everything Africa has to offer, check out our range of recipes from across the continent below.

Easy jollof rice

One of the most famous Ghanaian recipes here in the UK, jollof is a staple supper thanks to the balance of protein-packed meat, starchy rice and nutrient-filled vegetables. Zoe says: "Jollof is similar to a biryani. This one is made with chicken, but beef, goat or fish are often used."

Vegetable rolex

This tasty chapati wrap packed with stir-fried egg and crunchy veg packs a punch thanks to the generous helping of chilli sauce throughout. Zoe says: "True Ugandan street food, this takes minutes to cook; the name 'rolex' comes from 'rolled eggs'!"

Okra stew

Lightly spiced broth brings together delicious meat, seafood and veg in this Nigerian-style stew. Zoe defines this soup as, "An unusual combination of ingredients that works really well."


A South African staple, this oven-baked blend of lamb mince, savoury custard and bread soaked in curry-infused juices is comfort food at its finest. Zoe describes bobotie as, "A bit like a cross between lasagne and a savoury bread pudding."

Mandazi with mango dip

You won't be able to resist these tasty bite-sized doughnuts flavoured with cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. Zoe describes them as, "A rich, spiced doughnut that’s commonly eaten with tea in Kenya and Uganda."

Chapman punch

While we tend to use cucumber as a garnish for Pimm's, Nigerians love to use it in this fruity, fizzy punch. Zoe says: "This fruity drink from Nigeria – for adults only – is often served in beer mugs."

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