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What you can expect from Asda’s new artisan bread range

From ciabatta to sourdough...

What you can expect from Asda’s new artisan bread range

Is there anything better than the smell and taste of freshly baked bread? We think not. We love that moment when you slice through the crunchy crust and find that it's still warm on the inside. Spread a bit of butter on, and there you have it; one of life's simple pleasures.

And bread fans, we have some good news for you - Asda have just launched a new speciality artisan bread range inspired by different breads from around the world so you can pick up a perfectly baked pavé or a squidgy Italian ciabatta and enjoy an incredible lunch at home. 

The new range was developed by Master Baker and Product Developer at Asda, Maddie Munden (pictured above), who travelled all around Europe visiting local bakeries to get inspiration for her loaves. 

"I was in my element designing the Speciality range, inspired by breads from around the world," says Maddie. "In 2014, we travelled to Paris and Belgium, meandering from bakery to bakery, absorbing the atmosphere and learning new skills."

"It’s been really exciting to give the customer something that’s going beyond a normal loaf of bread. I hope you enjoy eating them as much as we do making them!"

The range includes...

Carrot and Pumpkin Boule – "This loaf contains fresh grated carrot and sunflower seeds."

Maddie's serving suggestion: "Have it sliced thickly to make a ham sandwich, with mayonnaise and fresh, crispy salad."

Sourdough Batard – "My absolute favourite is the Sourdough, inspired by San Francisco sourdough. It’s a first for Asda because the sourdough is made in a basket, and it has a 24-hour process, plus it only has five ingredients! 

Maddie's serving suggestion: "Try toasting it lightly with poached eggs and a bit of bacon - it's the perfect Sunday treat."

Mediterranean Bread – "packed with tomato and olive flavours." 

Maddie's serving suggestion: "Dip it in oils like balsamic vinegar as a starter or mix up your breakfast and try with scrambled eggs.

Jalapeno Cheese Bread -  "This bloomer is pretty hot as it's stuffed with spicy chilli, plus it has cheese in it as well, for those cheese lovers out there." 

Maddie's serving suggestion: "It will help add a hint of spice to a tomato soup, or use to create a really tasty sandwich."

The Parisian - French inspired and made with French wheat

Maddie's serving suggestion: This is perfect for picnics because it’s delicious with just a bit of butter.

Feeling inspired to taste our artisan range of Speciality bread? Make sure you stock up at Asda or pop into your local store