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‘Real life Willy Wonka’ shares her top Easter egg tips

Getting paid to eat chocolate? Sounds like the perfect job to us!

‘Real life Willy Wonka’ shares her top Easter egg tips

When it's your job to taste chocolate all year round then it's fair to say that you know a thing or two about Easter eggs (and that you have the best job ever!). Which is why we quizzed the woman responsible for the development of Asda’s Extra Special range of Easter eggs, Kate Cuss, about what to look forward to this Easter. 

This year's key trends for Easter eggs, according to Kate, are all about the shape and texture. Kate and her team taste over 1,000 Easter eggs a year, travelling the world looking for inspiration and ideas as they seek to develop new and exciting chocolate eggs. 

'My children think I have the best job in the world as a real life Willy Wonka. I love hearing customer feedback and seeing a product that was inspired from an idea developed into a real Easter egg. Making an Easter egg is a year-long process and we seek inspiration from places such as Belgium and London. 

Last year the trend was for handcrafted eggs such as our Jackson Pollock-inspired egg that was hand-painted, making each egg truly individual. This year the innovation is around the shape and texture of your egg,' Kate reveals. 

Three Extra Special eggs

Made with Belgium milk chocolate, Cuss nominates three eggs to look out for this year. They are:

The Honeycomb Egg uses British honeycomb to add another layer of flavour and texture to your chocolate. Its stunning shape ensures you get a chunky bit of chocolate with each bite. This egg, says Kate, was a real labour of love to create: 'Tastes have changed hugely in the last five years and shoppers are looking for cool and trendy chocolate gifts, whilst still having the seasonal draw of it being an egg! Personally, I’m a milk chocolate kind of girl, however, I love our new flavour combinations including butterscotch and honeycomb.'

Another Asda Easter egg winner is the Hot Cross Egg Tower . Featuring 10-15 eggs in different sizes, this collection was brought back after a hugely successful run last year and playfully references hot cross buns. The Easter egg tower is great for families, especially if you want to create your own Easter egg hunt.

The Belgian Milk Chocolate Golden Egg with Milk Chocolate Truffles boasts a luxe gold finish and grooved texture. If you’re lucky enough to receive this teardrop shaped egg, you’ve hit the jackpot and will be faced with one big dilemma: to share or not to share?

How to tell if your egg passes the test

Kate has a three tips for picking the perfect egg. "First, it’s all about the egg snap – when served cold, the eggs should be audible when broken," she says. Secondly, generous thickness is important for bejewelled and novelty eggs, helping them to hold their shape and extra special ingredients. Lastly, make sure you choose the right flavours for the family. Asda’s Easter egg range includes a selection of chocolates, as well as delicious sweet flavours and truffles to ensure that no one misses out!

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