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Asda Farm Stores range: Good quality fresh food for all

Did we mention the products are inexpensive, too?

Asda Farm Stores range: Good quality fresh food for all

Good quality? Check. Fresh food? Check. Inexpensive? You bet! 

We believe everyone deserves to eat good quality fresh food at the lowest possible price. And through Asda's long-standing farming heritage and working closely with our approved farms, growers and suppliers, the new Asda Farm Stores range does exactly that. 

From crunchy apples to tender beef rump steak, and pork chops too - you can be confident that every product in the Asda Farm Stores range suits you and your family’s needs, whilst helping you to save money every day.

So you could whip up roast beef with roast potatoes for Sunday lunch, make your own fruit salad using everything from oranges to kiwis for breakfast, or cook your family a delicious midweek pork chop dinner with fresh herbs and creamy mash. And all without worrying about breaking the bank. 

To help you make the most of the low price and good quality produce, we've put together some recipes to help inspire your meals.

Slow-roast brisket

Take our Asda Farm Stores Beef Roasting Joint and make a lovely, tender roast for the family.

Stuffed pork chops

Our delicious herb and apple stuffing adds an extra burst of flavour to the juicy pork chops. Just make sure you pick up Asda Farm Stores Pork Chops next time you're in store.

Easy spaghetti bolognese

Make a mighty midweek bolognese with Asda Farm Stores Beef Mince

Lemon and thyme roast chicken

The great thing about roasting a whole chicken for dinner is that it needs minimal preparation and can then just be left in the oven to become juicy and crispy while you get on with other things. Not to mention how great roast chicken is for leftovers. This simple, classic roast recipe has a lovely citrus twist with the use our Farm Store lemons.

Butternut squash, pepper & chickpea curry

Rustle up this butternut squash, pepper and chickpea curry in no time and pack it with our Farm Store vegetables, including these onions.  

Sirloin steak with herby butter

Take our Farm Stores Beef Sirloin Steak, drizzle some oil and cook the steaks to perfection. And don't forget to add your flavoured butter for a restaurant-worthy meal.

Potato & leek bake

A modern twist on potatoes Boulangère with the added savoury punch of cheesy leeks. It makes a great side with pork and with our Farm Stores White Potatoes, it's sure to be a tasty dish. 

Kiwi and lime sorbet

Use our Farm Stores Kiwis for a stylish summer refresher. You could try adding a scoop of this tangy ice to a glass of Prosecco or lemonade too!

Lime & lemon drizzle cake

Surely this cake is the perfect accompaniment to any hot cuppa after a long day at work. You can stock up on our Farm Stores Lemons here

Feeling inspired to make a great meal with fresh food at a great price? Make sure you pick up products from our Farm Stores range or pop into your local store