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Asda products scoop 4 accolades in the Healthy Food Guide Awards

You have to try some of our award-winning products!

Asda products scoop 4 accolades in the Healthy Food Guide Awards

It's time to get the bubbly out as Asda has picked up four accolades in the Healthy Food Guide Awards 2017

"Making healthy food that also tastes great is not easy but our winners have tried hard to achieve these tricky criterion"

From our breakfast range to our lunches and our main-meal ingredients too, the judges championed our products for delivering great taste and nutritional benefits. 

The awards, which celebrate products that are good tasting and good for you, is in its fourth year and were judged by leading dietitians and health food experts including Healthy Food Guide magazine nutrition editor, Amanda Ursell.

She said: "It's great to see manufacturers striving to improve the nutritional quality of their products and to use innovative ingredients and processing to achieve this. While it’s not easy to create products that tick all the nutritional boxes, it's great that many are making notable strides in the right direction.

"Even when steps are smaller, this is still to be applauded as small steps can be built on and further improved. Making healthy food that also tastes great is not easy but our winners have tried hard to achieve these tricky criterion." 

To help consumers buy and eat more healthily, the Healthy Food Guide team tasted every product in every category, and the HFG experts have made sure this year’s winners are good all-rounders from a nutrition point of view. 

Awards we won

Breakfast category

If you fancy having some award-winning breakfast food, then try adding some of our  Vitamin D Semi Skimmed Fresh Milk to your cereal. The judges said it was 'fresh-tasting and creamier than regular semi-skimmed'. And that the 'added vitamin D is a real bonus during autumn and winter, when our vitamin D levels drop and it’s hard to get enough from regular foods'.

Or if you're looking for some protein gains, with more protein per quarter pot than a poached egg (as stated by the judges), this low fat, high protein natural yogurt (which you can find in store) will soon become your fav mid-morning snack. Wondering what the judges thought of it? They said: "It's fresh, sharp and quite thick for a natural yogurt. Works well with fruit or in a savoury sauce."

Lunches category

Fuel your day by trying our award-winning Sweet Hoisin Shredded Duck And Noodles which is topped with red onion wedges, pak choi and crunchy water chestnuts. It also contains one of your five a day. #Winning.

The judges said: "Meat-to-veg ratio is just right, and the peppers and onions stay vibrant and tasty after microwaving."

Main meal ingredients category

Steam bags are great for when you're short on time but in need of some tasty food. So, it's a good thing these award winning Wholegrain Rice Steam Bags are here, isn't it! The judges said: "A brilliantly economical and time-saving way to make the transition to brown rice a cinch – and effortlessly raise the fibre content in your meals."

Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda, including our award-winning products, or pop into your local store