Asda’s budget red wine wins expert blind taste test

...And it was against another Malbec priced three times as much!

Asda’s budget red wine wins expert blind taste test

Four experts, from London’s Bedales Wines, took a blind taste test trying an inexpensive Asda Malbec against another Malbec three times its price - and the Asda bargain won hands down! 

The experts carefully examined and swilled a glass of Asda’s La Moneda Malbec before then trying the prestigious Luigi Bosca Malbec, a wine that currently costs £17.99.

Three out of four experts preferred the Asda wine, citing reasons such as: “It is more complex” and “A bit more fruit driven”, then guessing that the price averaged around £14. 

And the reactions when they found out? "Where's it from? Get me down to Asda, that's definitely a bargain"

Watch the Malbec taste test



Match your Malbec to these meals

Wondering what meal to match with this very drinkable red? This young, fruity Malbec makes a great pairing partner with spicy food, red meat, pork and grilled, thick-fleshed fish like halibut, salmon and tuna. Crack open a bottle and try these recipes out this bank holiday weekend. Cheers! 

Spiced fillet of beef

The spicy coating gives this beef a wonderful texture and satisfying flavour.

Tuna steaks with chilli lime butter

Perk up grilled fish or meat with this flavoursome, chilli-infused butter.

Spiced BBQ pork ribs

Finishing the ribs on the barbeque makes them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

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