Bake Off’s Iain Watters pays homage to the baked alaska incident with brilliant wedding cake

Not an ice cream melt-down in sight!

Bake Off’s Iain Watters pays homage to the baked alaska incident with brilliant wedding cake

When it comes to Great British Bake Off drama, the Baked Alaska incident involving former contestants Iain Watters, Diana Beard and one binned bake still ranks as one of the most tense episodes ever.

Even compared to the moment Mary Berry caught Paul Hollywood dunking his Jaffa Cake in his tea!

So it might come as a surprise to learn to that Iain recently paid homage to #BinGate and the dumped Baked Alaska at his wedding – of all places!

Before we get to the ceremonial bake, however, let’s just recap on what exactly happened…

It was 2014, things were heating up in the GBBO tent and Baked Alaska was the order of the day.

With just 15 minutes to go and his meringue ready to pipe, Iain discovered that the ice cream centre of his bake had been taken out of the freezer, supposedly by fellow contestant Diana and left to melt in the heat of the tent. Oh dear.

In a moment of frustrated despair and to the horror of Sue Perkins who looked on flabbergasted, Iain decided that he’d had enough. Instead of trying to save his liquified bake, he dumped the entire thing in the bin and stormed on out of both the tent and the series!

But while the incident has gone down in GBBO history, it seems that Iain now sees the funny side of the whole debacle.

Snapped by fellow 2014 contestants Martha Collison and Richard Burr, the wedding cake at the Northern Irish baker/builder’s recent wedding was none other than a very grand looking Baked Alaska!

And yes, it was indeed made by the man himself.

Of course, with such great bakers among the guest list, the Baked Alaska wasn’t the only dessert on offer.

Both Richard and Chetna Makan whipped up three amazing cakes each, which took pride of place on the glorious looking cake 'buffet' table, while GBBO 2014’s Claire, Enwezor, Jordan, Diana, Kate, Martha and Nancy (who won the series) were all in attendance too.

We’re glad to see such strong bonds between the former contestants! Not to mention all the fabulous bakes...



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