9 Showstopping Cakes For Every Occasion

Because there’s always a reason to bake! These are the mouthwatering recipes everyone will enjoy.

9 Showstopping Cakes For Every Occasion

Is there any occasion that doesn’t call for a cake? From kids’ birthday bakes to dinner party specialities, we’ve chosen our favourite recipes to serve up at your next get-together.
No matter what your skill level is, there’s inspiration for entry level bakers and experts alike. Choose from simple cupcakes and fruit-infused loaves to more detailed iced and decorated cakes. Whichever you plump for, it’s sure to get the seal of approval from even the toughest cake critics!


Best for the picnic party: The Caterpillar Cake

Made out of individual cupcakes, this cake is perfect for picnics – there’s no need to carry a knife to the park. Kids will love the green icing and picking off the gummy sweeties.

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Best for the colourful celebration: Rainbow Piñata Cake

If you think this rainbow-stacked cake looks incredible from the outside, just wait until you cut it open! A kaleidoscope of sweeties and choccies will come bursting out and put a smile on everyone’s face.

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Best for the sweet tooth: The Bunny Cake

Fluffy bunnies come to life on this hilly meadow cake. Children and adults alike will be wowed by the detail on this entirely edible creation. 

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Best for the relaxing birthday: The Beach Hut Cake


If you don’t have time to squeeze in a day at the beach then these stripy beach huts will bring the seaside to you!

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Best for the dinner party: Fruit and Mascarpone Sandwich Cake

This mixed berry and mascarpone sponge cake will knock out guests with its fresh produce and impressive presentation. But if you’re on a tight budget, swap the berries for tinned peaches for an equally delicious dazzler.

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Best for the health conscious: Reduced-sugar Carrot Cake

If you have a craving for cake but don’t want to do damage to your waistline, try our lighter take on a carrot cake. Sultanas, orange zest and juice and carrots, combined with natural sweetener Stevia makes this a guilt-free option to satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

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Best for the mega-mum: The Fondant Fancies 

Get together with a friend to bake, decorate and devour these bite-sized cakes. Package a few pieces up in ribboned boxes so children (even grown up ones) can give the apricot jam-brushed delights to their mums, or pipe the icing to read whatever you please.

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Best for the whole family’s lunchbox: The Lime and Lemon Drizzle Cake

Throw this together in just over an hour and take your standard loaf to a new level with the help of lime and lemon syrup. Once ready save a small portion for each person in the family’s lunchbox – they’ll love the sweet surprise.

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Best for saying ‘I Love You’:  The Dreamy Chocolate Cake

This beautifully rich chocolate cake is the key to your loved one’s heart! Bake it to mark a romantic occasion or serve the dark wonder as a loving gesture to your family.

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