Easy ‘panbake’ recipes you can cook in the oven

Take your pancakes to star status with these simple and delicious oven-baked versions – no flipping required!

Easy ‘panbake’ recipes you can cook in the oven

Hold on to your hats, everyone's favourite breakfast food-based holiday is on the horizon.

This Shrove Tuesday, instead of spending hours slaving over the hob, knocking out crêpe after crêpe, opt for pancakes that require no frying pan at all.

That's right. Behold, the panbake: all of the flavours and textures of their pan-made cousins, and none of the fuss. Check out three of our favourite panbake recipes below.

Bursting blueberry and strawberry panbake

Packed with sweet, juicy berries, this fluffy pancake is gorgeous served straight from the oven. Serve with some maple or golden syrup for extra indulgence.

chocolate, hazelnut and ricotta pancake

Rich chocolate and hazelnuts make an indulgent sweet treat perfect for Pancake Day. This chocolatey pancake is perfect for feeding a crowd.

all-day breakfast pancake

With earthy mushrooms, chunks of sausage, sweet tomato and fresh herbs, this take on a potato pancake makes an easy family meal – perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Have our tasty panbakes got you feeling hungry for Pancake Day? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local Asda store. Alternatively, check out our range of American-style pancakes, made fresh in-store, here.