The best recipes for baking this Easter

Got an urge to bake? These tasty bakes will satisfy your craving for something sweet

The best recipes for baking this Easter

What to get in the kitchen and rustle up something moreish this Easter? We've got just the thing!

From jazzy biscuits to traditional hot cross buns - it's a sure-fire way to lift your spirits. We know that Easter may not be as planned this year but whoever you celebrate with, make it fun and super special with our tasty bakes. A perfect way to satisfied that sweet tooth. Enjoy!

1. Baa-lamb Muffins

You will love covering small vanilla cakes with icing and mini mallows to make the sheep's wool for these sweet baa-lamb muffins. And they taste pretty baa-mazing, too! 

2. Flowery egg tarts

Whip up the dough for these flowery egg tarts in a food processor in minutes, knead the dough and roll it out before stamping out the shapes. Once the tarts are cooked, you can fill them with yummy icing, too. Yum! 

3. Easter Bunny Brioche

How cute are these! The ultimate treat for your brunch table. Try your hand at these adorable Easter bunny brioches

4. Burrowing bunnies

Buttery biscuits covered in icing make up the bodies and feet on these burrowing bunnies, while marshmallows and sprinkles are used for bushy tails and feet pads. So cute and so simple! 

5. Easter egg biscuits

Let your imagination run wild when decorating these festive Easter egg biscuits

6. Marvellous Mini Egg Cake

Stick mini eggs on to this citrussy cake that's filled with chocolate buttercream. Get the full recipe for this marvellous mini egg cake

7. Orange fairy cakes

These citrus-flavoured fairy cakes look so pretty and are so easy to bake!

8. Crunchy oat bars

These crunchy oat bars are packed with yummy fruit, get messy and mix things up. 

9. Blackberry swirl yogurt loaf

Natural yogurt keeps the cake moist while fruit purée adds a lovely tang. Create the beautiful purple ripples in the batter before baking. Get the full recipe for the blackberry swirl yogurt loaf

10. Monster Jazzies

Rice Krispie cakes topped with melted white chocolate and colourful Mini Smarties. What's not to like? Get the full recipe for the Monster jazzies

11. Easter biscuits

These yummy Easter biscuits are filled with sultanas, topped with a dollop of icing and sprinkled with chocolate eggs for an easy-to-make and tasty treat. 

12. Hot cross buns

Made with white bread mix and ready rolled shortcrust pastry, these hot cross buns are super easy and fun to make!