9 French recipes to celebrate Bastille Day

From crêpes to moules marinière to ratatouille...

9 French recipes to celebrate Bastille Day

Parades, parties, and plenty of food help to celebrate Bastille Day in France, which is marked every year on July 14th. 

The French national holiday, which is known as La Fete Nationale in France, marks the storming of the Bastille (a military fortress) in 1789, and was the beginning of the French Revolution. People line the streets to celebrate and attend street parties where there's an array of typical French dishes and delights.

To help you celebrate Bastille Day, wherever you may be, we've rounded up some tasty and summery French treats.

Crêpes Suzette

Just as delicious when filled with savoury ingredients like spinach and cheese for lunch, as they are with sweet toppings like the classic Crêpes Suzette, this dish is a must-try.  

Croque Madame

The perfect accompaniment to cheese is, of course, a crusty baguette. Try making a classic Croque Monsieur (basically a fancy ham and cheese toastie) or a Croque Madame (with egg) for lunch, to help get your taste of French cuisine. 

Easy tuna niçoise salad

Filled with tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and Niçoise olives - this is a quick and easy French classic that's perfect for a light mid-week meal or a simple lunch


Moules marinière

People can be nervous about cooking shellfish, but this classic moules marinière is surprisingly quick and easy to make. Serve as a starter with crusty bread, or double the quantities and serve as a main with chips.

White wine Coq au Vin

When it comes to French recipes, this chicken stew is the ultimate winter warmer. So, this summer, why not try making this white coq au vin recipe instead? Our twist on this French casserole contains white wine instead of red for a lighter and more summery taste. 

One-pan ratatouille pasta

This veggie dish is so famous that it even inspired a Pixar film! Made with courgettes, onions, peppers and tomatoes, this one pot wonder couldn't be simpler (or more delicious) to make. Remember to use grated cheddar instead of parmesan for a veggie version.

Quiche Lorraine

Perfect for lunches and picnics with friends, a classic quiche lorraine can be eaten hot or cold. This recipe makes a lovely, crisp, buttery pastry, and it's very simple to master. Or if you'd rather a pre made one, make sure you stock up on this. 

french apple tart

Our apple tart is as good as the ones you see in French bakeries and it's so easy to make - it makes the perfect Sunday dessert. Yum!

French fruit flan

Light, refreshing and so very tasty. Use a variety of different sliced fruits - you could include all of your family's favourites. Or if you're in a rush, use our ready-made base.

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