Tempting BBQ fish dishes to throw on the barbie

Fish takes on whole new flavours when it's grilled over charcoal

Tempting BBQ fish dishes to throw on the barbie

While we have a lot of time for burgers, sausages and chicken skewers, we happen to think that fish is the real unsung hero of the backyard barbie.

Rich marinades, chargrilled flavours and soft, flaky flesh; when it's done properly, BBQ fish is truly in a league of its own.

We've compiled some of our favourite fish dishes along with the perfect side for each recipe, from prawn skewers to sticky Asian-inspired cod, that are worth lighting the BBQ for - even if it's all you're cooking.

tuna steaks with chilli lime butter 

Tuna steaks are pretty perfect for throwing on the grill. We like to dollop on a spoonful of zesty chilli lime butter, and then serve them alongside fresh veg. Fire up that grill!

Jerk-spiced basa with pineapple salsa

Firm and mild basa makes a great canvas for a fiery, flavour-packed jerk marinade. Serve alongside our sunshine pineapple salsa that's fruity and zesty with just a touch of heat from some fresh red chilli. This colourful condiment will bring those deep BBQ flavours out and let the jerk basa's seasoning shine.

grilled mackerel with beetroot relish

Like mackerel? You'll love this wholesome dish, which involves scorching the fish fillets on a hot grill, before serving them with a horseradish-spiked beetroot relish.

garlic prawn & pancetta skewers with bistro salad

Salty pancetta is a great way to season BBQ prawns whilst also helping to lock in their moisture on the grill.

Our prawn skewers wrapped in pancetta with garlic and lemon are a flavour sensation but they need something with a bit of zing on the side to cut through those amazing rich flavours. This vibrant bistro salad dressed in a honey and Dijon vinaigrette couldn't be simpler to put together, and will add a nice crunch to any BBQ menu.

salmon tikka kebabs with cucumber raita

Salmon. Tikka. Kebabs. Need we say more?

The lightly-spiced marinade with flavours of garam masala, coriander, chilli and garlic needs something creamy and fresh on the side to bring those flavours to life. Our cucumber raita with a hint of fresh chilli is minty and refreshing, and would also go brilliantly with our spiced Moroccan vegetable skewers.

soy & miso cod with griddled pak choi

The sticky, umami marinade and soft flaky fish in our soy & miso cod is a heavenly flavour combination in itself, but throw our griddled pak choi into the mix too and you've got yourself some pure BBQ bliss. Keep the pak choi seasoning simple with the classic trio of Asian flavours: garlic, chilli and ginger.

Has our tasty BBQ inspo got you craving a fish supper this evening? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.