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Forget patties and frankfurters - these are the new BBQ recipes you need to try

Bored with burgers? Try these mouthwatering barbecue recipes instead

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Forget patties and frankfurters - these are the new BBQ recipes you need to try

This barbecue season, get out of your comfort zone and grill up a fabulous feast without a traditional burger or hot dog in sight. There's nothing wrong with a classic but with so many mouthwatering BBQ recipes to choose from, why not let yourself get creative in the (outdoors) kitchen? In fact, you might be surprised to discover that almost any food can be cooked on the grill. Get your protein fill with pork, lamb or chicken BBQ recipes or stock up on healthy fats with some tasty grilled fish. When it comes to vegetables and fruits, putting them on the barbecue imparts lovely flavour and gorgeous colour. Even desserts can be cooked on the barbecue!

Fire up the barbecue and get ready to tantalise the taste buds with exciting new BBQ recipes. From a new take on the classic burger to fresh vegetarian dishes to grilled puddings, get inspired this barbecue season with these tasty BBQ recipes.

Spiced BBQ Pork Ribs

These juicy pork ribs are first cooked in the oven and then finished on the barbecue to make them nice and crispy on the outiside but moist on the inside.

Sticky Grilled Ginger Chicken

For a dish that tastes as good as it looks, try these sticky ginger chicken thighs made with orange juice, garlic and fresh ginger. Serve with a crunchy carrot salad.

BBQ Parkin

Why bake your dessert when you can cook it on the barbecue? This sticky BBQ Parkin cake will cook in about 30 minutes on the barbecue and will really wow party guests.

Grilled sweetcorn salsa

This zesty sweetcorn salsa can be made with canned corn but for depth of flavour, grilling the cobs makes a real difference.

Thai tuna burgers

These tasty tuna burgers only have a hint of spice, which makes them a great child-friendly dish for the barbecue.

Grilled lobster tails

Wow guests with these luxurious grilled lobster tails that are topped with herby breadcrumbs and lime zest.

Mushroom burger

You won't even miss the meat in this juicy mushroom burger recipe that's served between soft brioche rolls, with chunky sweet potato chips and tomato and chilli chutney on the side. 

Grilled mackerel with beetroot relish

Boost your Omega-3 intake with these simply-prepared mackerel fillets served with creamy beetroot relish.

Banana frozen yogurt with grilled pineapple slices

Grilling brings out the sweetness in this pineapple recipe that's served with fruity frozen yogurt.

Spicy steak burger

Give the classic beef patty a twist with this spicy steak burger recipe that can be tailored to suit your heat tolerance.

Chargrilled vegetables with feta

With just five ingredients, this chargrilled vegetables recipe is the perfect quick supper and can even be served cold the next day.

Turkey chilli burger

For a low fat grilled main that's packed full of flavour, this turkey chilli burger ticks all the boxes.

Grilled halloumi and courgette salad

Looking for a satisfying vegetarian BBQ recipe? This grilled halloumi and courgette salad won't disappoint!

Barbecued nectarines

Just add a dollop of whipped cream to these caramalised, barbecued nectarines and you're in pudding heaven!

Minted lamb burgers

Give your barbecue a Greek twist with these lamb burgers topped with fresh mint and tzatziki dressing.

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