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The Ultimate Summer BBQ Guide

Take your barbecue to the next level

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The Ultimate Summer BBQ Guide

Is there anything more reminiscent of British summertime than hanging out with friends in the garden, with a grilled hot dog in one hand and a cold beer in the other? Alright, perhaps with a light drizzle of rain but nonetheless, grilling is one of those wonderful warm weather pastimes that nobody should go without this season. But we've all been to those summer cook outs where the food is totally burnt (or worse – raw!), the rain starts to pour or they've run out of meat so the only thing that's left is limp salad. Barbecues are meant to leave you feeling relaxed and happy not stressed and hungry! The good news is that you can avoid throwing a barbecue bust with these clever BBQ tips. 

From keeping up with the latest trends to dishing out the best barbecue recipes, these BBQ tips are all you need for the perfect summer feast. And we've got even more grilling inspiration on Asda's gorgeous instagram feed, chock full of delicious recipes, beautiful presentation ideas and clever buys. Discover BBQ tips and recipes for your next grilling fest. 

Get the right grill

It doesn't matter how tasty your marinade or sausage links are, if you can't get the grill going then there's no point. Happily, there are plenty of barbecues on the market to suit all kinds of budgets and needs. Heading to the park and need something small and portable? Easy! Or perhaps you want to get in on the smoking trend that's taking the BBQ world by storm? No problem - opt for a grill that barbecues, smokes, steams AND roasts. Find more tips on BBQ tools and accessories here. Don't forget, you can also pick up all of your BBQ ingredients at Asda, from sausages and burgers, to cheese and sauces.

Think outside the box

We all love a classic burger and sizzling hot dog, but don't be afraid to get a little creative in the (outdoor) kitchen this summer. The latest trend in barbecuing is all about cooking the unexpected on the grill, like jerk grilled sea bream. Have fun, let your creativity run wild and enjoy! 

Don't forget the vegetables

Let your side dishes take centre stage with vibrant salads, charred-grilled vegetables and flavour-packed sauces. Not only are yummy veggies a great way to keep vegetarians happy, but you'll also save money by buying less meat AND fill up on healthy vitamins and nutrients while you're at it. Get inspired with this heavenly peach and mushroom burger recipe

And definitely don't forget about dessert

Keep those summer vibes going by grilling up some delicious fresh fruit like pineapple and bananas. The barbecue will caramalise the fruit, turning it a gorgeous colour and enhancing the its natural sweetness. Then, all you need to do is stick a tub of vanilla ice cream on the table and everyone can help themselves. Simple! 

Make the most of your sides

Forget the limp salad and make the sides as much of an event as the burgers. Our chicken and goat's cheese Italian salad is the perfect accompaniment to any barbecue recipe. Or, if you fancy something homemade, this stuffed peppers recipe will be just enough to wow your guests, without filling them up before they've touched their main.


A cold beer is always appreciated on a nice and sunny day (psst... here's how to cool down beer fast), but why not make your grill fest extra special for kids too with this berry slush recipe, which is sure to go down a treat. Easy and delicious!

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