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Beer and food pairing: Make meal times even more delicious!

It takes two baby...

Beer and food pairing: Make meal times even more delicious!

Beer and food go together better than anything else you can eat and drink at the same time. Sure, wine claims the high-ground, but beer has such a weight of variety behind it – lusty imperials, tart sours, power-forward IPA’s. There’s a beer for any and every dish – and this Bank Holiday is the perfect time to try them out...

Perfect Pairing: Brewdog Punk IPA and Spicy Fish

Packing a mean hop punch, Punk IPA makes light work of spicy food while the touches of tropical fruit are ideal with spicy seafood. Punk IPA is the go-to beer for all sorts of Indian and Thai food, creating awesome harmonies as fragrant herbs and spices meet tropical hops and sharp bitterness.

Buy: Brewdog Punk IPA (330ml), £2

Make: Spiced Salmon Skewers

Perfect Pairing: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Melted Cheese

Nothing says comfort like a cheesy dish and the hints of caramel and pine in this flavour-packed beer are perfect with anything cheese-based. Don't believe us? Try it with these cheesy sausage rollovers and you'll soon be a fan.

Buy: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (350ml), £2 

Make: Cheesy Sausage Salsa Rollovers

Perfect Pairing: Brewdog Dead Pony Club and Fish Pasta

This Citrusy, laid back beer is best with a dish that’s a little more chilled out on flavour, but still has bags of character and complexity to match this delicious pale ale. The perfect partner would be a a fresh tuna pasta.

Fancy an after dinner treat that's not too naughty? This beer also matches well with a cracking cheese. Nothing to overpowering – a good, mature cheddar would do the trick just nicely.

Buy: Brewdog Dead Pony Club (330ml), £2

Make: Tuna spaghetti puttanesca

Perfect Pairing: Marston's Old Empire India Pale Ale and Carrot Cake

When popping the ring-pull on this India Pale Ale step away from the usual spicy offerings, cheeses, or flash-fried meats. Instead, try something a little more unexpected. Like, say, Carrot cake?

Yes, it may have you spluttering into your perfectly poured pale ale, but the cake-tin does also have a place at the beer and food-pairing table. Not convinced that carrot cake works? The super-sweet icing is balanced by the huge hop-load of the beer, taking away that tooth-aching sugariness after each and every mouthful.

So, next time you’re having afternoon tea… hold the tea and reach for the ale! 

Buy: Marston's Old Empire India Pale Ale (500ml), £1.80

Make: Mega carrot cake

Perfect Pairing: Blue Moon Belgian White and Burgers (Great and Small)

Go into almost any pub in the land and the words 'beer n’ burger' probably won’t be too far from your line of sight. Rightly so: it’s a classic. So when it comes to choosing a beer to go with your meat and bread, how do you decide on just one beer to rule them all? 

A smooth ale, with hints of coriander and orange, Blue Moon Belgian White is ready to take that mantle. Try it and you'll find a whole new world to the phrase 'taste sensation' when the hops mingle with the meat. It even goes well with the gherkins.

Buy: Blue Moon Belgian White (330ml), £2

Make: Buffalo Turkey Sliders

Perfect Pairing: Brewdog Five AM Saint and Charcuterie

This uber hoppy red ale has bitterness and sweetness all neatly rolled up in a triumph of pure chaos. So what foodstuff would make Five AM Red Ale happy?

A charcuterie board with a great selection of cold meats is one of the best possible options to pair with this red ale. Charcuterie was eaten as far back as Roman-times and if it’s good enough for the Romans, it’s good enough for us! The smokey, rich and salty flavours of the dried meat entwine perfectly with the roasted malts and hops that give Five AM its signature taste. In fact, our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Buy: Brewdog Five AM Saint (330ml), £2

Make: Your favourite selection of cold meats from platters such as ASDA Continental Meat Selection, £2 and ASDA Italian Salami Selection, £2.

Perfect Pairing: Guinness Original Stout and Chocolate

Strong stouts are the beer of choice for those who love an even stronger taste and so they tend to overpower most foods. So instead of going with dinner, complement it with something designed for late nights and cosy blankets – chocolate. Acquire the stickiest, softest brownie you can and you’ll find it stands up to the deep malt bill, whilst the alcohol finish keeps that warm feeling going nicely.

Buy: Guinness Original Stout (500ml), £1.80

Make: The Ultimate Chocolate Brownie