Beer and pie

Beer and Pie Pairings: A Winning Combo For Autumn

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Beer and Pie Pairings: A Winning Combo For Autumn

Hooray - we've officially entered pie season! Whether it's a sumptuous meat feast or a pumpkin treat, there's something about autumn that calls for warming up indoors with a steaming slice of hearty pie. And the only thing that's better than rich, flavourful filling covered in flakey pastry is pairing that perfect pie with a pint. It turns out that beer is the ideal accompaniment to this British staple, its thirst-quenching hops an excellent compliment to creamy mash, chunky meats and silky sauces.

There's something about autumn that calls for warming up indoors with a steaming slice of hearty pie

But with so many varieties of beers and pies to choose from, what's the best way to pair these two? We spoke to the experts to get their top tips for matching pie with beer and have rounded up five perfect pairings for you to enjoy. 

Whether you want to dish up a traditional fish pie, a spicy lamb feast or even a sweet pie for pudding, there's a brew that will compliment it beautifully. And if your thirst for a pint of ale and a pie is too pressing to contemplate making something homemade, then our new range of Extra Special pies make a delicious alternative. The British Steak and Borettane onion pie is made with tender, slow-cooked meat in a red wine sauce or why not try this hearty veggie alternative, the Goat's Cheeese, Butternut Squash and Spinach pie -the oat and pumpkin seed crumble really stands this pie apart!

Discover five of the best pie and beer pairings below. Cheers...

Perfect pairing: Brewdog Punk IPA and Moroccan spiced lamb pie 

This India Pale Ale packs a mean flavour-punch that can stand up to the spices in this warming lamb pie. The brew's caramel and tropical notes will compliment the sweetness of the butternut squash and the dried apricots beautifully. 

Buy: Brewdog Punk IPA

Make: Moroccan spiced lamb pie

Perfect pairing: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and mushroom and leek pie

You’ll want to pair this well-balanced ale with its notes of grapefruit and pine with foodie flavours that won’t overpower the beer - and this veggie-filled pie is the perfect fit! 

Buy: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Make: Mushroom and leek pie

Perfect pairing: Blue Moon Wheat Ale and Fish pie

The citrussy notes in this light ale are great with seafood dishes, like this lighter fish pie that's got all the creaminess of the classic but is lower on fat. 

Buy: Blue Moon Belgian-Style Wheat Ale

Make: Lighten up fish pie

Perfect pairing: Samuel Adams Boston Lager and chicken, leek and Stilton pie

Battling the many flavours in this pie dish, including buttery pastry, strong cheese, and rich sauce, can be tricky but this refreshing American lager is perfect for cleansing your palate before the next bite. 

Buy: Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Make: Chicken, leek and Stilton pie

Perfect pairing: Deeside Macbeth ale and pumpkin pie

Beer and pudding may seem like an odd pairing, but the caramel notes in this golden ale really works with the brown sugar in this pumpkin pie, while balancing out its sweetness. 

Buy: Deeside Macbeth Ale (available in all Scottish Asda stores)

Make: Classic pumpkin pie

At Asda, we're proud to offer a selection of craft and world beers that are as delicious as they are diverse. From the husband and wife-owned brewery in beautiful Loch Lomond that only started brewing beyond the family's kitchen six years ago, to Brewgooder, the craft beer label that donates 100% of its profits to clean water projects (launching nation-wide with Asda on October 30th), the stories behind the beer are just as important as the hops they use. 

Discover a range of exciting craft beers at Asda - you might just find a new favourite!

Short on time and got a host of hungry mouths to feed? Our new range of family pies (available in store) means you can have a hearty, nutritious meal on the table this autumn with very little effort required - that's music to our ears! Choose from our Steak and Red Wine Gravy pie, with slow-cooked beef cooked in Merlot gravy and topped with a buttery pastry crust, or Chicken and Ham Hock pie in a Chardonnay and Fino Sherry sauce for a pie packed with flavour.