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7 Brilliant Beer Hacks You Won’t Believe Actually Work

But they totally do! Cheers!

7 Brilliant Beer Hacks You Won’t Believe Actually Work

Nothing beats a nice cold beer after a stressful day at work or on a hot summer's day. But what do you do when you reach into the fridge and realise that you're out of chilled ones? Or what about when you're at the park and just about to take a swig when you realise someone forgot to bring the bottle opener! From how to cool your drink down in minutes to how to open a beer without a bottle opener, our savvy beer tips will solve your drinking dilemmas. We've even got a genius hack for keeping track of everyone's beers at your next party - even if they're all the same brand! And the best part is that there's no need for any fancy kit or expensive tech; these savvy booze tricks all deliver when you're in a fix and are easy to follow using everyday items you have at home. 

Warm beer? No problem!

Turn a warm beer into an ice cold one by wrapping the beer in a wet paper towel and popping it in the freezer for five minutes. When you take the beer out, you should be able to see a lovely layer of frost on top. But remember to keep the beer upright in the freezer - you don't want any of that liquid gold spraying on you!

How to open a beer without a bottle opener

Use a regular sheet of A4 paper, fold it in half vertically four times and then once lengthwise to create a thick V-shaped piece. Holding the bottle firmly in one hand, use your other hand to compress and wedge the folded paper underneath the bottle cap to pop the bottle open with one quick movement. Simple!

No bottle opener and no piece of paper either?

Don't panic - you can open a beer bottle using another bottle! With one hand firmly on the bottle you're trying to open, tip the other bottle upside down and use the bottle cap to wedge underneath the first bottle to pop it open. Done!

Cold beer for many

If you're having a lot of friends round and freezer space is an issue, you can still serve up ice cold booze with just a few minutes notice. Fill a large bucket or tub (the bath tub works!) with ice water and salt, and then gently submerge your bottles or cans in the mixture. The salt will lower the freezing temperature of the water and ice, thereby chilling your beer quicker. Translation? In about 15 minutes, you can serve up some nice cold ones to your guests.

Keep your cool

Having friends round? Keep a beer pitcher ice cold (and not watered down) with this clever hack. Simply place a plastic cup full of ice into the pitcher - it will float on top, thereby cooling down the temperature of the beer while keeping all the ice away. Genius!

Party hack

Keep track of whose beer belongs to who by placing colourful rubber bands around each bottle or can. That way, guests only have to remember which colour is theirs and not where they put their beer down.

Beer cubes

Here's another easy way to keep your beer cool without diluting it. Make beer ice cubes! Simply pour beer instead of water into an ice cube tray, allow it to freeze and there you have it – chilled, delicious beer!

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