Sweet and earthy seasonal beetroot recipes for autumn

Beetroot's back in season. Here are some of our favourite ways of cooking with the vibrant root vegetable

Sweet and earthy seasonal beetroot recipes for autumn

While this vibrant veggie may have a reputation for staining your fingers (and everything it comes into contact with…), beetroot is an absolutely delicious autumnal ingredient that works well in so many dishes.

From sweet to savoury, beetroot's earthy flavour and sweet taste works with everything from hearty pulses and sturdy winter veg to tart fruits and punchy cheeses - even chocolate! 

Embrace the purple and get creative in the kitchen with these delicious beetroot recipes.


Beetroot röstis with smoked salmon and cucumber pickle

Earthy root veg and zesty spring flavours come together in this beautiful light supper or lunch. Smoked salmon, horseradish and dill is a Scandinavian flavour combo that's been around for generations, but add some grated beetroot into that rösti base (along with your potato) and you'll take your meal to a whole other plane.

Hot and crispy potato and beetroot röstis are partnered with horseradish-spiked crème fraîche and a homemade cucumber pickle before bring topped with ribbons of gorgeous, silky smoked salmon. Pure perfection.

Beetroot, lentil and goat's cheese salad

This substantial salad brings together green lentils, tender beetroot, punchy goat's cheese and a fruity balsamic and Dijon dressing for a delicious autumnal dish that works just as well as a side as it does a main dish. Serve with some crusty bread to mop up those jewel-coloured juices (we love the way tart sourdough compliments the sweet beets, too!)

The main event

Beetroot burgers with sweet potato fries

Beetroot makes a brilliant base for veggie burgers. We've mixed grated beetroot and carrot with kidney beans, seasoning and oats for substance in these filling veggie burgers.

The root vegetables give the patties some sweetness that'll work perfectly with your classic burger toppings like ketchup, BBQ sauce and pickles. Who needs meat anyway!

Something sweet 

Beetroot chocolate mousse

Beetroot and dark chocolate may be a famous flavour combination, but have you ever tried this marvellous veggie with white chocolate?

We love the way roasted beetroot gives these delicate white chocolate mousses a depth of sweetness - and not to forget that gorgeous colour! The perfect end to a dinner party, your guests will love guessing what's turning these perfect puds blushing pink…

Chocolate and beetroot brownies

Do you like your brownies to be oh-so moist and gooey? Grated beetroot cooks down and caramelises within the brownie batter as it bakes, bringing out the rich taste of the dark chocolate and offering plenty of moisture too. Trust us, give this recipe a go and you'll never look back...

Whether you want to roast your own beetroot, or slice up some of our ready-cooked beetroot, you can get your hands on both in store or online, now.