French apple tart

Sweet and homely cooking apple recipes to try this autumn

Get into the autumn mindset with these warming apple recipes

Sweet and homely cooking apple recipes to try this autumn

There's a reason apple trees are the most widely cultivated fruit tree on the planet: this versatile fruit works in everything from savoury sauces and cider to French patisserie desserts and homely crumbles.

And while many varieties of apple are available in the shops all year round, the best British apples come into season and into stores from August until mid-November.

Cooking apples, like the Bramley apple, are just one of the many varieties of apple coming into their prime right now.

Known for its tart flavour and crisp texture that breaks down into a velvety purée when cooked, the cooking apple is just as happy humming along in the background of a savoury sauce as it is taking centre-stage in a homely pudding, making it a true culinary wonder.

From silky soups to refined French tarts, check out our favourite cooking apple recipes below.

Apple and berry granola layers

This homemade granola with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and coconut is a delicious and filling way to start the day. Topped with a Bramley apple and summer berry compote, makes this fruity breakfast at the beginning of the week for hearty and fuss-free breakfasts without the fuss every morning.

Parsnip and apple soup 

Parsnips and cooking apples both come into season from mid-August, making them true seasonal pals. What's more, they work together brilliantly in a variety of dishes - from cakes to soups.

This parsnip and apple soup topped with apple skin croutons is silky and warming, perfect for when those autumn evenings start creeping in. Serve with a slice of warmed sourdough for a delicious, filling lunch or evening meal.

French apple tart

This delicious French tart combines cooking apples with eating apples for the ultimate apple pie. 

Cooking apples are cooked down with butter and sugar into a caramelised purée, then topped with slivers of eating apple that hold their shape in the oven (gala apples would work well), offering added texture. Serve with ice cream, cream, or a dollop of crème fraîche for a timeless dessert that tastes amazing all year round.

Deep dish apple crumble pie

Can't choose between apple pie or crumble? Now you don't have to! Have your cake (or pie) and eat it, too, with this delicious hybrid. Stewed cooking apples are loaded into a sweet cinnamon pastry crust and topped with a brown sugar and walnut crumble.

Yep. You heard that right. This is really is the ultimate in autumn desserts. Just add custard.

Slow cooked pork loin with apple sauce

Apples and pork meet in delicious matrimony in our pork loin with apple sauce recipe. As pork loin is a lean cut of meat, the apples help to add moisture and flavour in this delicious dinner time centrepiece. Slowly roast the apple chunks with the pork until soft - not only does it save on washing up, but the fillet's juices will run into the apples, adding some savoury depth and seasoning to the fruity sauce.

Slow cooked pork loin with apple sauce

Stuffed baked apples

Baked apples are a classic British pud. Typically stuffed with raisins and sultanas, we've replaced some of the dried fruit with apricots and pomegranate seeds in our version for a Middle Eastern-inspired take on the dessert. Serve with ice cream for a hot-meets-cold sweet sensation.

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