French apple tart

5 delicious apple recipes you need to try

From crumbles to stuffed apples - here's how to make the seasonal fruit the star of the show

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5 delicious apple recipes you need to try

From Royal Gala to Cox, and Braeburn to Bramley, apples have been a family favourite for centuries.

And it's no wonder why. They're the perfect lunchbox snack, work well in both sweet and savoury dishes, and are a baker's dream for adding fruity flavour to cakes and crumbles. 

From cereals to smoothies and even soups - here are some easy recipe ideas to get the most out of your favourite fruit. 

Apple and berry granola layers

Breakfast on the go? Why not try making your own granola which features tasty, crunchy segments of oats, chia seeds and comes with a fruit purée made out of Bramley apples on top. Serve with plain yogurt and top with fresh fruit.

Parsnip and apple soup 

Earthy parsnips pair perfectly with sweet apples in our simple soup. We've also used the apple skin to make crouton-like crisps to top your dish with. To make these, toss the peel in oil and roast for 10 minutes until they've turned crispy. 

Slow cooked pork loin with apple sauce

Apples and pork meet again in delicious matrimony in our pork loin with apple sauce recipe. As pork loin is a lean cut of meat, the apples help to add moisture and flavour. Finish off with sprigs of thyme for a savoury hit.

Slow cooked pork loin with apple sauce

French apple tart

The French know a thing or two about creating delicious desserts, and apple tart is the epitome of pastry perfection. This classic French dish is the perfect pudding for any time of year. We love it with a simple scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Stuffed baked apples

Bramley apples have a lovely fluffy texture when baked. We've stuffed ours with chopped apricots, pomegranate seeds and sultanas. But if you would prefer to leave out the pomegranate seeds, try making the recipe with some chopped dates, figs and dried cranberries instead. Serve with custard or cream for an easy wintry dessert.

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