Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

Top producers share how to brunch at home this Easter

These standout producers share how to best serve their products across four Easter brunch recipes

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Top producers share how to brunch at home this Easter

Brunch is the perfect meal for when you're stuck at home for a long Easter weekend, and who better to bring us ideas than the people who supply our top-quality ingredients? Here, four premier producers share a bit about their product across delicious brunch recipes.

Smoked salmon AND scrambled eggs with a glass of fizz

Isla, of Young’s Seafood, serves up mild and delicate smoked salmon on fluffy scrambled eggs for an indulgent brunch. She says: ‘Our sustainably sourced salmon is smoked over oak and applewood chips to develop its distinctive flavour.’

Sausage traybake

Sarah, of Finnebrogue, loves to cook subtly sweet caramelised red onion pork sausages in a tasty traybake, for one-pan cooking at its best. She says: ‘The succulence and flavour of our pork sausages have become our trademark. Their richness will complement the roasted veggies every time.’

Tortilla pizza Florentine

Jean-Paul, of Noble Foods, showcases Blue Araucana eggs on a tempting flatbread pizza, as the perfect partner to creamy spinach. He says: ‘Our delicious eggs are from hens specially selected to lay eggs with yolks that have a wonderful, deep-golden colour.’

Bacon and smashed avocado bagel with an egg baked into the top

Simon, of Forza Foods, serves unsmoked dry-cured back bacon, smashed avocado and a baked egg on a lightly toasted bagel for a brunch that really hits the spot. He says: ‘It’s a bacon butty but not as we know it! A winning combination, with our rich and full-flavoured, expertly cured British back bacon as the star.’