Popcorn ice cream recipe

6 of the best ice cream recipes

We all scream for ice cream, so why not have a go at making it yourself...

6 of the best ice cream recipes

It's hard to find anyone who doesn't like ice cream. Whatever the season, a scoop of the cold stuff hits the spot. If you find yourself with unexpected dinner guests, you can rest assured that dessert is waiting for you in the freezer.

While you can choose from a truly mouthwatering array of readymade ice creams, sorbets and other frozen treats, there's nothing quite like making it yourself. 

With that, we bring you our favourite recipes, from the simplest banana ice cream EVER to decadent popcorn, rhubarb and toffee nut flavours.  

Rhubarb & custard ice cream

Is there a more classic combination than rhubarb and custard? We think not! This ultra-English recipe celebrates seasonal rhubarb, by simmering it with sugar and pomegranate juice before gently swirling through your ice cream mixture. We love that pretty, rippled effect...

popcorn ice cream

This popcorn ice cream recipe couldn't be simpler to prepare, and is essentially a fun twist on classic vanilla. After blitzing toffee popcorn in a food processor, fold it into a whipped mix of cream and condensed milk, before decanting into container to freeze for 5 hours or so. Mere minutes in the kitchen for a tub of popcorn-y joy.

No-added sugar raisin and almond milk ice cream

Trying to cut down on sugar? Well, you'll be pleased to hear that you need not go without ice cream! This dairy-free recipe is sweetened naturally with a tasty combination of raisins and peanuts, which works perfectly with almond milk. Sprinkle with chopped toasted peanuts to serve.

easy banana ice cream

The trick to making this seriously simple ice cream is to freeze your bananas ahead of time. All you'll need to do then is throw them in a food processor with a little sugar, buttermilk and vanilla extract – and voilà, instant ice cream!

Winterberry frozen yogurt

Another ultra-speedy recipe for when the sweet cravings kick in. Simply blitz frozen forest fruits with yogurt, before either serving immediately or freezing for later (we'll have it now, thanks).

Toffee nut ice cream with maple syrup

Pecans, cream, toffee and maple syrup, all in one recipe? Heck yes! This recipe is perfect for whipping up (literally) at the weekend, when you have a little more time on your hands. The extended prep time will reward you in the long run, as unlike other recipes, this mixture won't crystallise as it freezes – so no stirring required.

Want to try one of these ice cream recipes? We thought so! Pick up everything you need online, or pop into your local store.