Pasta Primavera

How to prepare the ultimate Italian picnic

Say ciao to these Italian-inspired winners...

How to prepare the ultimate Italian picnic

Italian food is known for being rich, full of flavour and super colourful.

More often than not, it's also super speedy to cook which makes this Mediterranean cuisine ideal for picnics. So invest in some breadsticks, grab some sparkling wine and pick a few of these dishes below for your next lunch or dinner al fresco.

Pizza with celeriac base

What could be more Italian than a pizza? Our recipe comes with a twist, as it uses a celeriac base meaning it's ideal for those who are gluten intolerant. But perhaps the best thing about this pizza is how versatile it can be. Don't like olives? Swap them for some extra tomatoes. Not a fan of parma ham? Ditch it and add some extra cheese. Pizza is a winner in our eyes every time! 

Tomato risotto 

If you're looking for a dish that's suitable for a crowd, look no further than this tomato risotto. This Italian rice classic is both fresh and filling. It contains lots of garlic, tomatoes, oregano and a good handful of cheese. 

Peachy Italian salad

If you don't want to spend any time near a cooker, try this perfectly peachy Italian salad for size. This salad sees peach halves topped with fresh mozzarella and salty, dry-cured prosciutto. It's refreshingly sweet and savoury all at once! 

Pasta Primavera

Bursting with fresh veg and zesty flavours, our Italian recipe for pasta primavera is perfect for a picnic. It's full of green vegetables like fresh peas, broad beans and asparagus which helps add some crunch to the dish. Chop up some basil leaves, grate some parmesan and don't forget to bring wedges of lemon to squeeze over just before you dig in. 

Ham and pea arancini 

Crunchy on the outside and bursting with flavour and texture on the inside, arancini will always have a special place in our hearts. Our ham and pea arancini is a dish to marvel at.  Filled with rice, cheese, peas, tomatoes and a combination of Italian spices, these little balls of greatness sure are tasty!


Italian style warm potato salad 

It wouldn't be a picnic without a potato salad! Baby potatoes are having their time to shine right now as they're in season. So try this Italian-style take on a warm potato salad, which is mixed in with peas, bacon and parsley. Delicious! 



Wash your Italian-inspired picnic down with a real taste of Italy – with our version of limoncello. The drink is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy and is enjoyed as an after-dinner drink for adults only.


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