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The iconic kitchen gadgets that are totally worth the money

Is the NutriBullet really right for you?

The iconic kitchen gadgets that are totally worth the money

Yes, they're the kitchen gadgets everyone's talking about, but do you really need them? We give you the lowdown so you don't spend your money on the wrong kitchen gadget...

Smooth operator

Product: NutriBullet, £79.98

Good Living’s verdict: The NutriBullet is every health freak’s hero and, rumour has it, the Duchess of Cambridge’s secret weapon for staying in shape – so it has some serious hype to live up to. But it is a blender like no other, blitzing whole fruits, nuts and seeds to a smoothie in seconds. Try my favourite mix – honey, cocoa and almond milk. Or, throw in canned chick peas and olive oil to make houmous!



STYLE ★★★★★


Plus point: Blended whole fruit and veg is a nifty source of fibre.

Juicy secret

Product: George Home Full Fruit Juicer, £30

Good Living’s verdict: With juicers, you tend to get what you pay for, so I was dubious about this budget model – but it was easy to blast my way to five-a-day. The wide chute and powerful motor mean fruit can be juiced whole, saving time on chopping and clearing up. And, you can enjoy your favourite fresh combos, like carrot, apple and ginger, for just a smidgen of the price you’d pay in a café. Result.



STYLE ★★★★

VALUE ★★★★★

Plus point: Named a Which? Magazine Best Buy, so it has to be good.

Lean grilling machine

Product: George Foreman Family Grill, £25

Good Living’s verdict: You can cook meat, fish and even fried eggs on this and it’s quicker than using your cooker – grill a chicken breast in under 8 mins and a salmon fillet in 4 mins. You also get the satisfaction of seeing fat drain away down the sloped plates. It’s compact – but so was Mary Poppins’ handbag. This grill fits enough meat portions to feed a family of five. Do wipe it clean after using, though – burnt-on food can be hard to remove.



STYLE ★★★★

VALUE ★★★★★

Plus point: Ideal for small kitchens – and students, of course.

Cool as a cucumber

Product: Kitchen Craft Spiralizer, £15

Good Living’s verdict: If you’re creative, you’ll love this. It makes all your foodie fantasies come true. Sweet potato rice? Sure. Pear ribbons? Why not. I thought the spiralizer might be a faddy gimmick, but it’s the fastest, least fiddly way to slice and shred veg. With just the turn of a handle, you can make courgetti (courgette spaghetti), or canoodles (cucumber noodles). Fun. And great if you’re cutting down on carbs, too.



STYLE ★★★★

VALUE ★★★★

Plus point: This is a brilliant way to sneak veg into kids' meals.

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