Princess Leia cinnamon buns

The best snack recipes for Star Wars fans

From Princess Leia cinnamon buns to Jabba the houmous - may the food force be with you!

The best snack recipes for Star Wars fans

May the 4th be with you! To mark Star Wars Day (in the best way we know how), we've come up with some 'out of this galaxy' recipes to make at home.

From houmous in the shape of 'Jabba the hutt' to easy 'Wookie' cookies using ready-made gingerbread men, these simple recipes will go down a treat with your little rebels.

Bantha milk and cookies

Milk and cookies – how can you go wrong? But how about 'bantha milk' and cookies? Produced by female banthas (large furry creatures inhabiting the Star Wars universe), this bright beverage is fun to recreate with milk, apple juice, bananas and blueberries. If you want to make it more blue, add a splash of food colouring. As for the cookies, they require barely any prep at all. Give them around 12 minutes in the oven and serve warm – yum!

Jabba the houmous

Why have regular, run-of-the-mill houmous when you can give it a Star Wars twist? Very little artistic skill is required to create a 'Jabba the Hutt' like this – slivers of pepper make up the eyes and mouth. Serve with tortilla chips, toasted pitta or crunchy veg – the perfect movie snack.

wookie cookies 

How cute are these Wookie Cookies? No baking is required – simply decorate mini gingerbread men with plenty of icing and chocolate sprinkles.

You'll just need:

  • 120g Asda White Piping Icing
  • 30pk Asda Baker’s Selection Mini Gingerbread Men
  • 120g Asda Black Piping Icing
  • 100g Asda Ice Cream Choc Sprinkles

Spread the white icing in an even layer (with a butter knife if needed). Put some of the choc sprinkles onto a plate and firmly press in the gingerbread men, icing down. Use the fine tip on the black piping icing to pipe three dots, for eyes and a nose and lines to separate the legs and arms. Pipe a thick stripe of black icing diagonally across the body of the cookies for the belt. Put a round tip onto the white icing and pipe dots of white along the belt. Set the cookies aside to dry at room temperature before serving.

Princess Leia cinnamon buns

It's impossible to think of Princess Leia without that distinctive hairdo coming to mind. Everyone can have fun pressing these cinnamon buns to their ears, à la Rachel in Friends. That's if you can resist gobbling them up straight out of the oven...

Star-spangled chocolate bark

A sweet treat that you truly cannot go wrong with? This psychedelic star-spangled chocolate bark. Experiment with whichever food colourings you like, before scattering over white chocolate stars and refridgerating for a couple of hours. 

For everything you need to make these Star Wars-inspired treats, head online or pop into your local store