8 of the best retro ice lollies

From Fabs to Feasts to Twisters...

8 of the best retro ice lollies

Summer hasn’t truly started until you’ve had an ice lolly. The tasty treat cools us down, fill our taste buds with delight and conjures up happy childhood memories. 

Remember tasting your first ever Twister? Or how about enjoying the 3-in-1 ice lolly, Fab which celebrates its 50th birthday this year? Thankfully many of these iconic retro lollies, which will forever have a place in our hearts, are still available today, along with some new (and equally tasty) treats too. 

To help you take a trip down memory lane, we've rounded up some old school favourites, as well as some modern, trendy takes on the summer ice lolly. 

1. Remember Mr Freeze

The year was 1966 and Mr. Freeze freezepops and ice lollies had just been stocked in convenience stores up and down the UK. And more than 50 years on the tetrahedron-shaped lolly, which was always a bit awkward to eat, is still going. If you ask us, it's better than ever. Cut one side of the packaging off, push the lolly up and get eating! Lovely jubbly, indeed. 

2. Make mine a Mini Milk

There's nothing complicated about these heavenly treats on a stick which have been helping to cheer up kids and big kids since the mid-nineties. The biggest problem you had back then was how quickly they would be devoured. But the only problem you'll have now is choosing your favourite flavour. Will it be chocolate, strawberry of vanilla?

3. Feast your eyes on this

The title of this lolly says it all as it certainly was a feast for little mouths. A nutty and crispy exterior coating soft chocolate ice cream, and then a hidden solid chunk of chocolate waiting for you beneath. What a treat it was. 

4. A fresh take on a choc ice

Remember the classic choc ice? The way it used to melt in the packet as soon as you had taken it out of the freezer and then you'd have to lick the packet to get all of the chocolate off? The chocolate outside and ice cream centre may be simple but it works every time. 

This summer, why not try making your own? Try using our Extra Special Colombian Caffe Latte Ice cream for a coffee twist or why not try our Extra Special Cornish Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream instead. All you'll need to do to make them is:

Melt milk or plain chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of boiling water. Generously spoon the chocolate into silicone moulds and swirl to cover completely. Tilt the moulds to allow the excess chocolate to drip out then place in the freezer for 30mins until firm. Slightly soften the ice cream with the back of a spoon then spoon into the chocolate moulds. Spread the remaining chocolate over the ice cream, scraping off any excess, then place in the freezer and leave to freeze fully. When ready to serve, pop the choc ices out of the silicone and enjoy! 

5. You can't beat a Calippo

No matter how fast you tried to eat this, it would always melt and you'd be left with a sweet orangey drink at the bottom of the packet. Yum! Calippos were, and still are, the perfect way to enjoy summer all round. 

6. Let's Twister again like we did last summer

Twisters were great for people who couldn't decide between ice cream and ice lolly. Did you used to try and eat all the ice creamy bits before eating the lolly? Just us? And when you're looking for an ice cream with more than one flavour, the Twister wins everytime!

7. These are Fab

These ice creams were always fab and they still are. With sugar-strands topping a strawberry and vanilla core, it's got to be the prettiest ice lolly of them all. And it's turning 50 this year! We just wish the sugary topping was all over the whole thing!

8. 3,2,1 rocket lollies!

Remember the way the colour would change the more you ate of rocket ice lollies? Ah, this is what summer was really about back in the day.


Or this summer, you could give the colourful creations a 21st-century makeover. The kids will love making these colourful treats, as they are bursting with tropical fruits and berries and are a genius way to boost your 5-a-day! 

Make sure you stock up some ice cream at Asda or pop into your local store