Mini Yorkshire puddings with beef

9 sides to transform your Sunday lunch

Whether you're partial to a roast spud, lashings of gravy or heaps of veg - we've got you covered

9 sides to transform your Sunday lunch

You can’t beat sitting down with the family on a Sunday to eat a delicious roast dinner, especially when you've got all the trimmings, too.

From heaps of crunchy roast potatoes to little balls of savoury stuffing, and large Yorkshire puddings – no roast dinner would be complete without a large array of trusty trimmings.

And with Easter fast approaching, we’ve put together a round up of scrumptious sides you'll love.

Perfect roast potatoes

They're crispy on the outside and soft in the middle - could you ask for anything more when it comes to a roast spud?


Hasselback potatoes

If you love potatoes but are looking for a new way of serving them with a roast, look no further. These Swedish potatoes are crispy and delicious and so easy to make. You have to try them!


Potato and courgette tian

This layered side dish, or vegetarian main, is made of thin slices of courgette, potato and onion and tomato. We think it's the perfect spring/summer side to your roast dinner.


Lebanese french beans

If you're tired of serving up boiled French beans then these are sure to win over the masses. Topped with tomatoes which have been seasoned with cinnamon, garlic and sugar - French beans never looked so good!


Griddled asparagus with a redcurrant jelly dressing

As Spring has definitely sprung, why not add some spring veggies into your roast. We love these griddled asparagus paired with fruity jelly dressing.


Roast parsnip and carrot bundles

A classic combo that looks elegant, but is oh-so-easy to prepare, serve and eat!


Beetroot and onion bake

This layered earthy, beetroot dish pairs perfectly with roast beef, and looks pretty impressive. Dill, potatoes and onions help make this side dish delicious.


Parmesan & parsnip purée

Looking for a sweeter side to pair with your savoury meat? This parnsip, apple and Parmesan mash is a lovely alternative to swede or mashed potato and would match perfectly with lamb or beef.


Homemade gravy

Whether you douse your roast dinner in it or prefer to just have a bit on the side, when it comes to homemade gravy there really is nothing better. 

Inspired to create a roast dinner feast this easter with all the trimmings? Make sure you stock up on everything you'll need at Asda or pop into your local store