Great Scot: 5 Scottish foods we can’t get enough of

Savoury, sweet or a little tipple – treat your taste buds to a tour of Scotland with some of our finest produce

Great Scot: 5 Scottish foods we can’t get enough of

From premium gin hailing from the Scottish Highlands to crumbly and buttery shortbread biscuits baked in the small town of Lanark - some of the UK's finest produce comes from the bakeries, farms and waters surrounding Scotland. 

And with Burns' Night quickly approaching on Thursday 25 January - which is held in honour of Scotland’s most famous poet Robert Burns - it's the perfect excuse to let your tastebuds sample an array of delicacies that the UK’s most northern country has to offer. 

Wondering which edible Scottish fancy to try first? Read on for our top picks...


Gold standard whisky

If you consider yourself a whisky drinker, or, ‘uisge beatha’, as they're referred to in Gaelic, then Scotland should be top of your list for investing in great quality whisky.

"Scotland is the most iconic whisky region in the world and has been made here since before the 19th century," says Robert Field, Area Manager at Quality Spirits International. So rest assured they've had a lot of practice in making the perfect pour.

If you're looking for a new tipple this Christmas why not try our Extra Special Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, which is distilled with pure Highland spring water and barley, then matured in American oak casks. The classic single malt is created in one of Scotland’s foremost distilleries in the brooding wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. The resulting flavour is richly satisfying, with delicate oak notes. 

Best way to try:  The classic way to enjoy whisky is to keep it simple. Try it served neat or with a splash of water at room temperature, or over ice. For those who don't like anything too strong, why not try it in a classic Old Fashioned cocktail with Angostura bitters, sugar syrup and orange peel. 



In 1984, John Cunningham moved into a tiny factory in Lanark, situated in the central Lowlands of Scotland, and set out to make the world's finest biscuits. Fast forward more than three decades and now Border Biscuits produce more than 300,000 packets of delicious treats a week, which are distributed all over the globe, including their top-selling Dark Chocolate Gingers.

Crunchy, spicy and coated all over with thick dark chocolate, we think the Scottish treats are the ideal biscuit to munch on this elevenses. 


sensational smoked salmon

What would a lazy Sunday morning be without a sliver of smoked salmon perched proudly on top of a cream cheese bagel or butter-laden crumpet? We have our great Scottish fishing farms off the west coast of the country to thank for our much loved treat.

All our salmon at Asda, including this Extra Special Rich & Intense Scottish Smoked Salmon, is responsibly sourced from the crisp waters of Scotland. This particular type is cured with salt and demerara sugar, then smoked the traditional way in brick kilns for a rich, distinctive flavour. 

Best way to try: Keep it simple and add a couple pieces of smoked salmon to scrambled egg or use it to add bags of flavour to a midweek frittata with peas, new potatoes and chives. It tastes great stirred into pasta with soft cheese, parsley and lemon zest. Or whip up these colourful canapés by adding sour cream to rye bread and topping them with a helping of salmon and a snip of chives. 


crumbly shortbread

With its iconic patterned top, short and crumbly texture and perfectly sweet taste, it's no wonder the famous Scottish treat, shortbread, has long been an essential biscuit staple in British households. 

"It’s up there with custard creams and chocolate digestives.” Allan Miller, from Paterson’s Shortbread Fingers tells us. “We relaunched our shortbread recipe 10 years ago, making use of rapeseed oil to combine the sweet treat indulgence of shortbread with alternative oils and we’ve found that customers actually prefer it.” 


Botanical bliss

Gin is enjoying a huge renaissance in Britain and the sales figures are proving it. In December 2016, the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) recorded sales of around 40 million bottles of the juniper-based spirit over the past 12 months, and noted a massive 40 new distillery openings in the UK between January 2016 and November 2016. 

Not only are the Scots famous for their whisky, but their gin is nothing but top notch, too. Gin Master, Simon Buley personally crafts each bottle of Caorunn gin, which begins with the highest quality grain spirit and five locally foraged Celtic botanicals. He said: "The five Celtic botanicals are Rowan Berry, Heather, Coul Blush Apple, Dandelion and Bog Myrtle.

"They are picked fresh the day prior to distillation when they are in season. Just before growing season finishes we collect enough to keep production going until the next season. There’s a real depth of flavour in every drop. It’s traditionally served with cool fizzing tonic and slices of red apple to highlight the aromatic flavour profile of the wild, foraged highland botanicals."

Best way to try: Tonic isn't the only way to enjoy this tasty herbal spirit. Try making a fig, gin and lemonade sparkling cocktail which can be in your glass in under five minutes. 

Feeling inspired to try some of our Scottish products? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.