Lebanese style french beans

Amazing sides for your Easter table

Our favourite ways to pimp up your roast

Amazing sides for your Easter table

Sides matter – we all know it. A handsome leg of lamb may well be the dazzling centrepiece at your Easter table, but your Easter Sunday dinner would be nothing without those oh-so-important trimmings. From baby veg with a sticky marmalade glaze and creamy vegan dauphinoise potatoes to griddled asparagus and cripsy roast tatties, these humble dishes are stars in their own right – and even if you can't have the whole family over, they'll keep in the fridge for days afterwards.

We've picked our favourite heroes to pimp up your roast this Easter weekend.

Perfect roast potatoes

They're crispy on the outside and soft in the middle — what more could you ask from a glorious roast spud

Griddled asparagus with a redcurrant jelly dressing

Perhaps you're ready to pick up some seasonal spring veg, or perhaps you've been growing your own – so why not add some versatile veggies into your roast? We love this griddled asparagus paired with fruity jelly reduction.

Beetroot onion bake

Dill lifts the earthy flavours of carefully layered beetroot, potato and onion bake.

Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate

Bursting with flavour, a standard side dish gets a Middle Eastern makeover in this recipe with a creamy tahini, crushed garlic, lemon juice and honey sauce and pomegranate seeds.

Vegan dauphinoise potatoes

Whether you're experimenting with a plant-based diet or a long-time devotee, these creamy dauphinoise potatoes are dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

Glazed baby veg

The ultimate shortcut to a good glaze? Simple: marmalade. Doused onto baby veg, this recipe makes for a simple yet noticeably different side.

Roasted veg bundles

Simple to make, elegant to serve – these bundles of veg are bundles of fun.

Brussel sprouts with pancetta

Chunky chestnuts and crispy pancetta make these sprouts well worth their place on the table.


Griddled courgette salad

This gorgeous courgette side dish is brought to life with plenty of zest, chilli, mint and a spoonful of capers

Sticky-sweet roasted carrots with maple and mustard glaze

Maple and mustard add warmth and depth to the natural sweetness of Chantenay carrots. A lovely seasonal spring side. 

Sweet pea and bean salad

Crisp and full of fresh flavours, this crunchy salad is spring on a plate, with sweet peas, broad beans and chives.

Potato and courgette tian

This layered side dish, or vegetarian main, is made of thin slices of courgette, potato, onion and tomato. A winning veggie side to accompany your roast dinner that won't outweigh the centrepieces.

Lebanese French beans

A fresh way of serving Lebanese-style French beans, this dish is sure to win over the masses. Topped with tomatoes seasoned with cinnamon, garlic and sugar, French beans never tasted so good as finger food.

Inspired to create a roast dinner feast this Easter with all the trimmings? Make sure you stock up on everything you'll need at Asda online or pop into your local store