Summer recipes you can make in the slow cooker

Don't just save your slow cooker for winter - it's perfect for rustling up summer meals too

Summer recipes you can make in the slow cooker

The slow cooker is a blessing for the time-deprived. With a small amount of prep, you can return to your trusty gadget to a ready-cooked meal (as well as a delicious-smelling kitchen!).

These gadgets do the bulk of the work for you

These gadgets do the bulk of the work for you, whether you're craving marinated, falling-off-the-bone meat, a tasty stew or a veggie curry. While you may only dig out your slow cooker on frosty mornings, they're just as handy come summer time. If you're wondering how to get the most out of your cooker, see our tips and tricks.

Here are a few ideas on how you can put your feet up while knocking out winning dinners for the family this summer.

Slow cooker pulled pork tacos

Prepare this slow cooker pulled pork in the morning and come home to a feast after work. A great dish for a dinner party, guests won't believe how little effort these require!


Veggie sloppy joes

A vegetarian take on the American classic, these sloppy joes are packed with slow-cooked courgette, pepper, red onion, sweet potato and tomatoes, and then topped with a handful of grated cheese. Ideal for quickly assembling after a long day, kids will also love them. 



Slow cooker no-pasta aubergine lasagne 

This lasagne substitutes meat and pasta for layered aubergine and spinach, topped with creamy, garlicky ricotta and tomato pasta sauce.


Easy salmon and lentil curry

What better dish to come home to than a zingy, fragrant curry? This light dish combines fresh salmon fillets with spices, creamy coconut milk and red lentils.


Jerk chicken thighs with Caribbean slaw

This chicken dish is so easy to prepare - simply put the chicken, seasoning, pepper and mango into the slow cooker and assemble the slaw just before serving. A great summery recipe for all the family.


Slow cooker lamb with cabbage slaw 

This slow-cooked shredded lamb flavoured with harissa and chipotle is perfecly partnered with crunchy cabbage slaw - great for serving at summer get-togethers. 



Catalan-style chicken 

This hearty Spanish-inspired dish is flavoured with paprika, saffron and sherry, making it both comforting and luxurious. It'll easily serve a family alongside some potatos, bread or greens. And if you're not heading to Spain for your holidays, you can bring the sunshine to you!



If you fancy trying your hand at any of these recipes, or want to invest in a slow cooker, check out Asda online or pop into your local store.