Summer wines for under £10

That's your summer sorted!

Summer wines for under £10

It wouldn't be summer without a glass (or two) of crisp refreshing wine.

Which is why we've rounded up all the exciting flavours and top tipples to try this season. Whether you are having a BBQ, socially-distanced picnic or are in need of wine to simply sip at sundown – there's a white, rose and red wine for everyone. 

Plus, you'll be pleased to know that these delectable summer wine picks are all under £10!

Check out the wines you need to know about this summer season...



Price: £6

There's nothing quite like a chilled rose to kick start the summer season. And this award-winning Italian rose is just the one to pop open in style. Tasting even better than it looks (if that's possible), this rose vino is full of cherry flavours and strawberry touches. It's just the thing any hot summer day is missing. 

Best served: as an aperitif or with fish and salad dishes. 


2. Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc

Price: £5.50

Vegan-friendly, this Oxford Landing sauvignon blanc is the gift that keeps on giving. Grown on the banks of South Australia's mighty Murray river, Oxford Landing's grapes have thrived since 1958 in sustainably grown vineyards. This sauvignon has passionfruit, lemongrass and mango aromas – so is light, super fresh and refreshing in its taste. 

Best served: with Asian cooking



Price: £4.60

Red wines are often known for being an acquired taste. But if you're looking for an easy, medium-bodied wine to enjoy, look no further than this smooth South Eastern Australia grown merlot. It's got hints of raspberry, plum and a delicate splash of oak. Ideal for sipping on after dark, if you ask us. 

Best served: with hearty dishes like duck, beef or braised lentils 



Price: £4.60

If Chardonnay is your tipple of choice, check out this Australian grown vino. McGuigan is known for its 'premium Chardonnay grapes' as they are chosen for their 'optimum fruit intensity' and 'ripeness'. This beverage is brimming with bright lemon and tropical fruit flavours making it perfect to sip in the sun.

Best served: as an accompaniment to dishes like chicken or a Caesar salad.


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