The best Six Nations toasted sandwiches

Inspired by dishes from the UK and Europe, our toasted sandwiches are perfect whether you watch the rugby or not

The best Six Nations toasted sandwiches

For those who don't follow rugby, the Six Nations Championship sees teams from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales competing in an impressive 15 matches. 

We've decided to leave the vigorous exercise to the professionals, and are showing our support by whipping up a patriotic toastie (or six). Whether assembling a Full English muffin, a French onion soup baguette or a Scottish smoked salmin sarnie, there are just so many tasty ways to get involved....

Which one has your name on it?

Full English Muffin

This has to be the most English sarnie ever – combining a toasted muffin with bacon, sausage, mushrooms, eggs and baked beans, this is one protein-packed lunch. We're serving it with a pint, but it would make a very satisfying breakfast with a cup of builder's tea.

French onion soup toasted baguette 

This baguette is inspired by the classic French soup – the bread is hollowed out so doubles as a bowl, holding all of that onion-y goodness. Cheese melted over the top is a perfectly indulgent finishing touch.

Irish stew toastie with a tangy Guinness sauce 

This is one hearty toastie – it combines beef, potato and cheese, with a good splash of Guinness. If you're backing Ireland in the Championship, this is the toasted sarnie for you. 

Scottish smoked salmon and chive soft cheese toastie

This Scottish-inspired sandwich combines flaked salmon with cream cheese and chopped chives. It works perfectly with toasted wholemeal bread (and perhaps a can of Irn Bru?).

Toasted ciabatta tricolore

If you're supporting Italy, it has to be this Tricolore ciabatta sandwich, which embraces the colours of that iconic flag (and salad). Super simple, this tasty roll combines a balsamic glaze with mozzarella, torn basil, vine ripened tomatoes and a handful of spinach. Bellisimo!

Ham Welsh Rarebit

This Welsh classic takes cheese on toast to a whole new, decadent level. We've cranked things up again by spooning that thick cheese sauce over chunky slices of slow cured Wiltshire Ham. Mouth-watering.

Gearing up for the Six Nations Championship, or just craving a good sandwich? Find everything you need to recreate these tasty toasties online or in a store near you