DJ BBQ ribs

DJ BBQ on the best way to barbecue smoky pork ribs

Chef and author, DJ BBQ, on the best tips and tricks for cooking barbecued ribs

DJ BBQ on the best way to barbecue smoky pork ribs

This is the fourth and final #GetYourCookOn cookalong with DJ BBQ on our Instagram Live, and he’s saved one of his best recipes till last – Smoky Pork Ribs with Rainbow Slaw

DJ BBQ, otherwise known as Christian Stevenson, has been gracing our Instagram feed with delicious food, fabulous outfits and top tips and tricks to get your barbecue going – we hope it’s been as deliciously fun for you as it has for us! 

Here we've rounded up our fave answers to your questions, from our latest Instagram Live, so you don't miss out…


What's your top tip for barbecuing ribs?

The key with ribs is not to roast ’em hot. You don’t want chewy, you want fall-off-the-bone tender. You want a little bit of a bite, but you want it to be nice and juicy and succulent – and awesome. Slow and low is the way to go…

What’s a good veggie alternative for the BBQ?

I like grilling halloumi – it makes a great burger. Toast your bun, put smashed avocado on the bottom half, then a slab of grilled halloumi. Drizzle with pomegranate for that sweet ‘n’ savoury vibe with sliced tomatoes and rocket.

What’s your favourite side for a barbecue?

The coal-roasted onions we did with the Wagyu burger.

How do you BBQ root veg?

I put beetroot, potatoes and all kinds of root vegetables down in the coals so I have more room on top of my grill. 

Corn on the cob or veggie skewers?

Oh my gosh, that’s a tough one… I love both. But my family’s from Iowa – that’s corn country – and we would have corn on the table every single night!



The best way to barbecue mushrooms?

Mushrooms are sponges – they’re great for holding flavour, so I like to add a simple marinade. Put ’em all in a bowl, let the mushooms sit for a while then throw on the grill and baste. Just keep them on there and watch they don’t dry out.

It’s been an amazing grand finale…

Thanks for tuning into these live cookalongs. I love sharing my knowledge, I love talking to good people, I love to cook and I love to feed good people!

If you missed the first three episodes of DJ BBQ, head over to our IGTV or catch up with our other question round-ups.

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