The best ways to eat Nutella

Chocolate fans, grab your apron and clear your diaries...

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The best ways to eat Nutella

If we needed an excuse to eat even more chocolate, today, February 5, marks World Nutella Day.

For the 11th year running, lovers of the chocolatey and hazelnut spread will come together to celebrate by sharing pictures of their Nutella-inspired creations on social media, writing poems about the beloved product and, of course, eating it too.  

So, to get in the chocolate spread spirit we've put together some of the more creative ways you can cook and bake with Nutella for those indulgent moments. 

Create a Nutella waffle 

Deliciously sweet and creamy, these ice cream and banana waffle tacos are made even better with the addition of Nutella. We've spread some of the good stuff on the edges of the tacos, but you could always drizzle some of the top too! 


Whip up some cupcakes

With our Nutella cupcakes you can get a double hit of the classic choc’n’nut spread because it's in the sponge and also included in the icing. Happy baking!

nutella choc chip cookies anyone?

Soft, chewy biscuits with a gooey choc centre - absolute heaven!

Make an instant fondue

Fondue is what every chocoholic dreams about. But have you ever thought of using a pot of Nutella? It's genius, and so easy - simply scoop out into a bowl and microwave. Then cut up some strawberries, take a packet of gooey marshmallows and get dipping straight into the bowl. You could even make some fruit kebabs full of grapes, raspberries and whatever else you've got to use up in the fruit bowl.  

MAKE A LUX hot chocolate

Chilly winter evenings were made for delicious hot chocolate. And with our Nutella hot chocolate you can take it to the next level of deliciousness. To make, simply heat up milk on the stove and add a teaspoon of Nutella - stir well, and hey presto, comfort in a mug!

Dip your churros in it

These Spanish fluted doughnuts, known as churros, make for a delicious treat and they go down even better with a pot of melted Nutella dipping sauce. Or if you're looking to make your own doughnuts, try filling them with a squeeze of Nutella instead of the classic jam middle!

Drizzle over your profiteroles

A mix of tart raspberries, rich cream, silky Nutella sauce and crisp choux pastry makes for a delicious combination. Instead of making the classic dark chocolate sauce to dip your profiteroles in, why not save yourself some time and dip in heated up Nutella instead. Eat immediately!

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