The best ways to eat Nutella

Chocolate fans, grab your apron and clear your diaries...

The best ways to eat Nutella

If we needed an excuse to eat even more chocolate, February 5 marks World Nutella Day. Started by a Nutella mega-fan back in 2007, the celebration has seriously gained momentum over the years – probably because it's very easy to partake in. You could introduce someone to the chocolatey spread, write a poem about it, enjoy eating it 'somewhere interesting' (as the website suggests), host a Nutella-themed party or just, well, spread some of the good stuff on your toast.

Of course, Nutella is far more versatile than you'd initially think. Ever thought of folding it into cupcake or cookie batter, stirring it into hot chocolate or spooned over profiteroles?

Get ready, as we're about to open your eyes to a whole world of chocolatey, hazelnutty possibilities – here are some delicious and creative ways you can bake with Nutella.

Make some fast nutella fudge 

This fudge recipe couldn't be much simpler – put everything in a bowl and blast it in the microwave, before scraping into a tin and refridgerating. If you have some Nutella and a bottle of Baileys rattling round in the cupboard, you're well on your way to rustling this up in moments. Drizzled with white chocolate, it's the perfect post-dinner treat.

have hot chocolate for dessert

When it's this indulgent, hot chocolate makes the perfect winter dessert. Leave the marshmallows to melt to create a really gooey topping, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with crushed digestive biscuit. Two full tablespoons of Nutella makes this extra thick and chocolatey. 

Create a Nutella waffle 

Deliciously sweet and creamy, these ice cream and banana waffle tacos are made even better with the addition of Nutella. We've spread some chocolatey goodness on the edges of the tacos, but feel free to drizzle some over the top too! 

Whip up some cupcakes

With our Nutella cupcakes you can get a double hit of the classic choc’n’nut spread because it's in the sponge and also included in the icing. Happy baking!

nutella choc chip cookies anyone?

Soft, chewy biscuits with a gooey choc centre - absolute heaven!

Make an instant fondue

Fondue is what every chocoholic dreams about. But have you ever thought of using a pot of Nutella? It's genius, and so easy - simply scoop out into a bowl and microwave. Then cut up some strawberries, take a packet of gooey marshmallows and get dipping straight into the bowl. You could even make some fruit kebabs full of grapes, raspberries and whatever else you've got to use up in the fruit bowl.  

Dip your churros in it

These Spanish fluted doughnuts, known as churros, make for a delicious treat and they go down even better with a pot of melted Nutella dipping sauce. Or if you're looking to make your own doughnuts, try filling them with a squeeze of Nutella instead of the classic jam middle!

Drizzle over your profiteroles

Instead of topping your profiteroles with a dark chocolate sauce, why not save yourself the trouble and use Nutella instead? Just heat it in a bowl first, for ease of dipping, and eat immediately. Ingenious.

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