Three of the best ways to season salmon

From pesto and pistachio to bacon and mustard, there are so many tasty ways to prepare this favourite fish

Three of the best ways to season salmon

Looking for new ways to serve fish? Keep reading! These three toppings couldn't be quicker or easier to prepare, and will elevate that simple piece of salmon to new, tasty heights...

It's as easy as this: try pressing one of these toppings on to a 500g Asda Fresh & Flaky Side Salmon, before baking at 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6 for 25 mins or until the fish is cooked through. 

You're welcome!

Bacon & Dijon Mustard Crumb

Bacon and mustard are a dream team, and their umami depth of flavour pairs brilliantly with delicate salmon. 

To make this tasty crumb, dry-fry bacon lardons until crisp. Mix Dijon mustard and fresh white breadcrumbs to coat. Add chopped parsely, pepper and the lardons then pack onto your salmon fillets. Delish!

Shop for: lardons, Dijon mustard and parsley

Pistachio & pesto crumb

Pesto adds brightness to meaty salmon in this tasty topper, while pistachios add a satisfying crunch.

Simply combine reduced-fat green pesto, chopped basil, grated Parmesan and chopped pistachios. Add a little rapeseed oil, then mix in some fresh white breadcrumbs. Colourful, flavourful, and irresistible!

Shop for: reduced-fat pesto, basil, Parmesan, pistachios, rapeseed oil

Gluten-free nut and seed crust 

After a gluten-free option? Try this nut and seed crust: stir a handful of Asda Four Seed Mix with chopped blanched almonds, pine nuts, zest of one lemon, thyme and a little rapeseed oil. 

Shop for: Asda Four Seed Mix, blanched almonds, pine nuts.

Fancy trying one of these topping ideas? Find everything you need online, or pop into your local store.