Barbecue food and glass of red wine

The Ultimate BBQ Wine Pairing Guide

Having a backyard BBQ? Serve it up with the perfect wine accompaniment

The Ultimate BBQ Wine Pairing Guide

When you think of the perfect BBQ you don't automatically associate it with great wine. While your immediate thought might be to grab an ice cold beer or even whip up a cocktail to accompany tasty marinated meat, the merits of pairing wine with the smoky flavours of charred meats and veg shouldn't be overlooked!

There are plenty of wines of every type that can be enjoyed alongside a sizzling steak or succulent chicken breasts - you just need to know what to look for. Our wine experts gave their top tip when you hit the booze aisle which is to go for simple, thirst quenching and tasty choices, just like the BBQ itself.

We chatted to our top wine connoisseurs who picked their top 10 great (and affordable) wines to stock up on when you fire up the barbie. So if you're planning on getting friends over this weekend, here's what you should be quaffing while you eat! 

1. Extra Special Fair Trade Pinotage

A rich and full-bodied red wine, this juicy Fairtrade Pinotage from South Africa's Cape is packed with intensely rich berry flavours.

Great with: Roast duck or BBQ ribs

Buy it: Extra Special Fair Trade Pinotage

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2. Extra Special Barossa Valley Shiraz

The Barossa Valley in South Australia is famous for its powerful Shiraz wines, and this rich red has a full-bodied taste filled with sweet bramble fruit flavours and layers of spice. 

Great with: Casseroles, roast meats and spicy dishes

Buy it: Extra Special Barossa Valley Shiraz

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3. Orbitali Squinzano

A medium-bodied, rich red from Puglia made using Negroamaro, a classic grape variety from the ‘heel’ of Southern Italy. Fruit laden, with dark berry flavours and a touch of spice. 

Great with: Grilled meats, rustic stews and spicy pasta dishes

Buy it: Orbitali Squinzano

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4. Extra Special Cabernet Sauvignon

A deliciously rich, full-bodied ripe Cabernet Sauvignon from the Machi vineyard in Chile with gorgeous cassis flavours.

Great with: Vegetarian dishes or roast and barbecued meats

Buy it: Extra Special Cabernet Sauvignon

Try this recipe: Atlanta-style peach and mushroom burger

5. Tukituki Sauvignon Blanc

A thoroughly crisp and refreshing white wine, this Sauvignon Blanc hails from the famous Marlborough region. 

Great with: Fish dishes, poultry or salads

Buy it: Tukituki Sauvignon Blanc

Try this recipe: Grilled halloumi and courgette salad

6. Extra Special Rueda

A fresh, crisp citrusy white wine made from Verdejo grapes in the Rueda region where the cold winters and hot summers of the high plateau produce wines with crisp acidity and tasty richness. 

Great with: Fish or poultry

Buy it: Extra Special Rueda

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7. Extra Special Pouilly Fumé

A classically crisp and refreshing Loire Sauvignon Blanc with a delicate, smooth flavour.

Great with: Goats cheese and fish

Buy it: Extra Special Pouilly Fumé 

Try this recipe: Chargrilled vegetables with feta

8. Busby Estate Sauvignon Semillon

Hailing from a region where sun drenched grapes are tempered by the mild coastal climate, this is a deliciously fresh and crisp white wine with subtle blends of floral and lemon notes.

Great with: Oriental or Asian cuisine

Buy it: Busby Estate Margaret River Sauvignon Semillon

Try this recipe: Chinese-style duck legs

9. Extra Special White Bordeaux

Deliciously fresh and lively, this new wave crisp white Bordeaux made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes is gently oaked to create an elegantly smooth flavour.

Great with: Seafood, fish and creamy pasta dishes

Buy it: Extra Special White Bordeaux

Try this recipe: Grilled lobster tails

10. Wine Atlas Fetasca Regala

A playfully crisp and refreshing white wine, there's a modern vibe to this Romanian grape with lots of soft, tropical fruit flavours seasoned with a sassy crispness.

Great with: Semi-hard cheese and poultry

Buy it: Wine Atlas Fetasca Regala

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11. Cotes de Provence Rosé

A delicate salmon pink rosé, which is both crisp and refreshing. Dry and elegant with delicate red berry and melon flavours.

Great with: Barbecued prawns, halloumi, an Asian salad or parma ham. 

Buy it: Cotes de Provence Rosé

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