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10 crazy food trends you won’t believe actually exist

Would you dare to try 'Black Coconut Ash Ice Cream' or a 'Sushi burger'?

10 crazy food trends you won’t believe actually exist

If you thought the craziest food you could try was avocado flowers and sweet potato fries, we're about to blow your mind. This year has already proved to be brimming with new food trends, and if it’s shown us anything, it’s that the weirder an edible idea is, the more popular it becomes. With the rise of Instagram, strange food creations from around the world are being shared like never before: From foodie mash-ups like sushi burgers to crazy dessert concepts like salad cakes

Take a look at our round-up of some of the wackiest food trends so far this year. How many would you try?

1. Gothic Ice Cream

When we were young, the height of unusual ice cream usually involved mint and rainbow flavours, plus added jellies if we were lucky. That was before companies such as Ben & Jerry's came along and started pushing the boundaries of flavour creation. Fast forward to today and the newest ice cream trend involves a trip to the dark side. In particular, one New York-based ice cream parlour (Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream) is making a black coconut ash ice cream using the charred and processed remains of a coconut shell. Delicious?


The New Black and White. Coconut Related Coconut Ash

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2. The Freakshake

While we covered loaded hot chocolates back in March, the real inspiration behind them came from Australia and America's ‘Freakshakes’: sumptuous towered milkshakes covered in everything and anything you can think of. From brownies to doughnuts and marshmallows, if you can imagine it, it can go on a Freakshake. Just don't think of the calories!


I don't care if people say it's overpriced, it's somewhere everyone must go once in their life �� @georginaleemakeup

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3. Rainbow Food

One of the bigger trends this year has seen all manner of foodstuffs embrace their inner hippy to go more than a bit tie-dye. An easy one to try at home, it may have started with bagels, but because it doesn't make a real difference to the taste or composition of food it can technically work with anything – from sushi to grilled cheese. Just add some food colouring and voilà: pretty, colourful creations at your fingertips!


Bae goals

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4. Cereal Doughnuts

Even breakfast can’t escape the crazy food trends train. If you thought cereal bars were the limit of breakfast treats, think again: enter the Cerealicious doughnut. Originating from Broad Street Dough Co. in the US, classic doughnuts are dipped in warm vanilla glaze, and topped with cereals such as captain crunch and fruity pebbles, warm vanilla drizzle and a dollop of vanilla mousse. Now that's starting your day on a sugar high!

5. Sushi Burgers

Sushi has been having a bit of a moment this year – first with Sushi burritos (burritos filled with various sushi layers) and now with sushi burgers. Tasty but a bit difficult to eat, their contents can vary vastly depending on what sushi tickles your fancy, with anything from raw salmon to teriyaki chicken as the main ingredient. Topped with layers of salad and sauce, and two buns of sushi rice, you don't have to feel too guilty with this burger. Now, where's the wasabi?


Watch Chef Jawn assemble our sushi burger in 9 seconds!

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6. Salad Cakes

Probably the most disturbing of all the food trends to date is the salad cake, simply because it's just so confusing. Although salad cakes look like a decadent and sweet dessert, when cut open it's easy to see that they are actually made entirely out of – you guessed it – salad! Originating in Japan the cakes are gluten, meat and dairy-free. Yum or yuck? We just can't decide!

8. Spaghetti Pies

Ultimate comfort food at its finest, the spaghetti pie is exactly what it says on the tin. Another food fusion, this one has just gone mainstream in America with a new offering at Olive Garden (an American restaurant). And yes, there's an actual pie crust on top. So how do you go about making one yourself? Consisting of the raw ingredients of spaghetti and pie, the world is your oyster as to whether you want to create a creamy carbonara-inspired concoction or a more classic spaghetti and meatballs dish. 


My dads a genius #spaghettipie

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9. Coffee cone cups

If you've ever wished you could drink your morning latte out of an ice cream cone, your wish has been granted by the foodie genies at The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dubbed the ‘coffee in a cone’, this latest food trend sees lattes literally served in an ice cream cone instead of the more traditional paper cup. The best bit? The cones are coated with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different types of chocolate (including white chocolate drizzle). We warn you, this may be your latest obsession.

10. Oreo Bagels

Rainbow bagels are so last month ­– there's a new king of breakfast in town and it's the ‘Oreo Bagel’. Created by The Bagel Nook America, the Oreo bagel is just that: a bagel filled with Oreos in every way you could possibly imagine. Not only does it consist of an actual Oreo bagel (the cookies are in the dough!), but it is also stuffed with Oreo cream cheese AND whole Oreos. While it may make you sick to have it first thing in the morning, we say you have to try it, at least once – just don't forget to Instagram it!

Of course with brand new food trends emerging weekly, this is only the tip of the foodie iceberg. 

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