Juicy blueberry recipes for every time of day

Nothing says summer like fresh berries

Juicy blueberry recipes for every time of day

Nothing says summer like fresh berries.

While strawberries and raspberries get most of the attention, thanks to classic summer puds like Eton mess and summer pudding, we think blueberries are the unsung heroes of the berry world.

The juicy, vibrant fruit adds sweet-and-sour flavour and a pop of colour to desserts, drinks and savoury dishes. No wonder it's known as a superfood!

Check out our favourite juicy blueberry recipes listed below, to see you from breakfast through to dinner and drinks in the evening.

French toast with bursting blueberry sauce

Blueberry pancakes are an all-American classic, but have you ever had blueberry French toast? Perfect for weekend brunching, this indulgent breakfast is made by dipping slices of thick crusty sourdough in creamy egg custard and frying in butter, served with an oozing, syrupy fresh blueberry compote. How could you possibly say no?

Blueberry oat muffins

Porridge oats give these super soft and moist muffins extra texture, taking them to the next level. Greek yogurt adds moisture and helps to create the absolutely irresistible, crumbly and moreish muffin with bursts of sweet blueberry.

Goat's cheese & spinach salad with blueberry vinaigrette

We love goat's cheese. It's rich and creamy with a sophisticated depth of flavour that adds so much to fresh sandwiches and salads. Add tart, juicy blueberries to that rich and crumbly cheese and you've got yourself something special. This colourful salad dressed in blueberry vinaigrette makes a scrumptious summer supper or lunch option, or an elegant side dish if you're entertaining.

Blueberry gin sour

Gin is the drink of the season, haven't you heard? This fruity cocktail mixes homemade blueberry syrup, gin and lime juice for the perfect sweet-yet-tart cocktail to sip on all summer. We'll drink to that!

Feeling inspired to knock up some of our berry-fruity recipes? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.