Ultimate fish and chips

The best British summer seaside recipes

From fish and chips to ice cream, these recipes are our absolute faves from Blighty

The best British summer seaside recipes

We don't know about you, but sunny weather makes us want to pack up the car and scoot off on a mini-break – be it the countryside, seaside, or abroad.

When jetting off on to the Med isn’t an option, remember that it's possible to create that holiday atmosphere at home.

We’ve compiled our favourite recipes that remind us of our holidays, to give you a little taste of freedom from the comfort of your own kitchen!

From seaside fudge to classic fish and chips, check out our best staycation recipes below.

Fish and chips

We challenge you to find a seaside treat more classic than fish and chips. Flaky fish and a light-as-air batter with an incredible crunch, there’s nothing that can touch that iconic duo. No matter where you go, if you’re by the seaside, a visit to the chip shop is always hard to resist.

While you might think it's impossible to recreate this seaside feast at home, we’ve got the technique down to a fine art and it's surprisingly easy! Our recipe uses flour, soy sauce and lager to create a tasty, light batter that even Skegness wouldn't scoff at. 

raspberry and chocolate brownie sharing milkshake 

If this incredible milkshake doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, we don't know what will! Mixing raspberries and milk with chunks of fudgy brownie, top with a generous dollop of whipped cream and two straws for the ultimate summer treat.

ultimate lobster rolls

Does it get any beachier (or tastier) than a classic lobster roll? Succulent lobster, fresh lettuce and squidgy brioche buns will transport you straight to the coast of New England.

Cornish pasties

Whether you bake your own or buy them fresh, the humble Cornish pasty is the ultimate seaside lunch thanks to its easy-to-eat design and coastal origins. The savoury meal-in-a-pie from Cornwall is not only famous around the world, but also an art to perfect. Traditionally eaten by Cornish miners at lunchtime, the pastry contains a whole meal all wrapped up in one, with that iconic crimped crust to hold on to so they didn’t have to worry about handling their food with coal-covered hands.

In order to be able to be named such, a Cornish pasty must contain beef, potato, swede, and onion all wrapped up in a shortcrust pastry case. Our take on the classic contains just that (if it ain't broke...), so you get that classic taste of the seaside no matter whether you're on the sand or on the sofa.

Mr Whippy ice cream

You know it’s summertime when you can hear the faint tinkle of the ice cream van driving around. But if your Mr Whippy doesn’t stop on your street corner, here’s how to make your very own swirly soft-serve at home. Pick up some wafer cones and - of course - some chocolate flakes to complete the look.

Ice lollies

If you’re more of a lolly lover, then don’t worry — we’ve got you covered too. These fruity, creamy popsicles are packed with fresh strawberries and whole milk - a perfectly refreshing, low-sugar alternative to the ice-cream man's mini-milk!


While you might think fudge is one of those things that takes years of practice and patience to master, there are plenty of techniques to simplify the process and have fudge setting in the fridge in no time. 

From adding chocolate to help it set, like in our deliciously simple chocolate fudge, or stirring through peanut butter to add depth of flavour and an incredible, silky finish, there are many fun ways to experiment with this classic seaside treat. In fact, you’ll never want to buy a box of the ready-made stuff again!

Homemade doughnuts

There’s nothing like a bag of hot, fresh doughnuts covered in sugar and eaten on the pier. And next time that sweet craving starts creeping in, you don’t have to head to the seaside to fulfil your fantasy either!

Our delicious churros are piped straight into hot oil then rolled into sugar, just like that amazing fresh doughnut machine at the seaside! Once they're coated in sugar, chuck them in a paper bag to complete the look.

Have our summer holiday snacks and meals got you itching to head to the sea? No need! Stock up on everything you need to make our summer escape recipes online or pop into your local store.