Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

The best brunch recipes

Delicious recipes for your bottomless brunch zoom calls

The best brunch recipes

January means only one thing - a whole lot of brunchin'. Why not put on a spread and enjoy a leisurely zoom call brunch with friends? Why not make it bottomless? You could even mix up a jug of Buck's Fizz (with two parts fizz to one part orange juice) to really kick-off the weekend in style.  

Champagne flutes at the ready? Scroll down for the ultimate brunch inspiration... 

sausage and egg muffin

A homemade fast-food fave! We've swapped out some ingredients for a 'lighter' alternative, so you can have all the comfort food indulgence with less calories - that's a winner.

eggy panettone with bacon

If you have any leftover Christmas panettone (and who doesn't?!), this delicious twist on a classic brunch recipe is the perfect way to enjoy it. Traditional Italian bread meets French toast - yum!

Prosciutto and rocket brunch bagels

The ultimate combo all wrapped up into one crispy bagel. This is the perfect brunch alternative if you want to switch up the usual avocado and egg favourite. Dig into this proscuitto and rocket bagel for a hearty breakfast or long lazy brunch!


Bacon and smashed avocado bagel with an egg baked into the top

This hearty, 3-ingredients brunch bagel is guaranteed to set you up for the day. If you can't get hold of all the bagel ingredients, you can simply sub them out for others. Toast works just as well as a bagel – you can even make a hole in the middle for a fried egg! Switch in spinach for the avocado, or leave out the egg and top the bacon with thinly sliced mild cheese. Voila! 


vegetarian full english traybake

Want the full works without the washing up? No problem! Check out this full english breakfast traybake with all the brekkie heroes - beans, sausage, egg and some added veggies. If you want the ease but not the veg, just swap in some pork sausages instead. 

Smoked salmon AND scrambled egg

A classic brunch dish that never gets old? Mild and delicate smoked salmon served with fluffy scrambled eggs of course! 

The secret to whipping up restaurant-quality scrambled eggs at home? Whisk 2tbsp of milk into the beaten eggs, then cook low and slow with butter in a frying pan. If you're out of eggs, try spreading a layer of soft cheese on your toast to serve with the salmon instead, or try this potato cake recipe

Sausage traybake

Ready in just 35 mins, this colourful, throw-it-all in traybake is one-pan cooking at its best. Plus, it's a brilliant way to use up any leftovers you might have knocking around. You can switch potatoes for sweet potatoes or butternut squash chunks, or throw in some spinach or some chopped onion for flavour. 

Tortilla pizza Florentine

Super-simple to put together and with a baking time of just 6-8 mins, this tempting flatbread pizza is sure to go down a treat at home. You can experiment with different toppings, too – why not try peas and crumbled feta? Or switch the spinach mixture for shakshuka-inspired spiced chopped tomatoes. 

Bosh's Green ShakShuka 

A vibrant shakshuka, but not as you know it! This tasty, one-pan vegan recipes from BOSH! uses green veggies and plant-based yogurt alternative in place of traditional tomatoes and eggs. It's a great way to use up leftover veggies or fresh herbs that are beginning to wilt. Just chop everything up, chuck it in the pan and serve with the yogurt and gorgeous chopped ago. 


Middle Eastern-style shakshuka

Bring the heat to brunch with this delicious baked egg dish. Packed with peppers, tomatoes, and seasoned with smoked paprika, this shakshuka will make you forget all about the winter weather outside.


Avocado and chilli crumpets 

The fresh avocado topping on these posh crumpets balances wonderfully with the tomato and habanero chilli kick. Drizzle with lime juice for a refreshing finish. 


Dairy-free poppy seed and banana pancakes

These perfect pancakes are for everyone to devour – banana pancakes are the perfect food to start your morning off right – quick to whip up if you have to quickly jump on our weekly brunch zoom call! All your friends can have a go at these, why not cook along together?



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