We want in on the butternut squash waffle trend

Move over courgetti, take a seat cauliflower rice - 2017 has a new veggie food trend

We want in on the butternut squash waffle trend

Everyone has gone mad for courgetti, there's been a huge craze for cauliflower rice and sweet potato noodles have taken the world by storm.

And now, the humble butternut squash has returned to our plates after undergoing another Instaworthy transformation. Enter the squaffle - a butternut squash waffle.

 Butternut squash waffle, squaffle

Our favourite winter squash is no stranger to 21st-century makeovers as it's already been turned into butternut squash noodles, alternative lasagne sheets and can be eaten as a mash substitute. But now, the delicious winter vegetable has been cut into bite-sized chunks and pressed into a waffle shape - making eating your five a day a whole lot more fun.

Not only can squash be used to create hearty soups, bulk up curries and provide a source of colour and warmth in winter salads, but now it can take the place of potato waffles on your dinner plate.

With our new prepared Asda Good and Balanced Butternut Squash Waffles, all the hard work has been done for you. All you'll need to do is pop your squaffles in the oven, then decide what to have with them. 

From taking pride of place next to your egg and steak dinner, to providing warmth and colour to your winter salad  - no pairing is too much for these tasty, colourful alternatives. 

You could also try mixing up your breakfasts and eating your squaffles in the AM with avocado, bacon and a poached egg. Just pile it all up in a stack for the ultimate Instagram feast. 

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Feeling inspired to try out our new squaffles? Make sure you head online or pop into your local Asda store