These cake icing videos are totally mesmerising

Be prepared to lose half an hour of your life

By Asda Good Living, 04 November 2016
These cake icing videos are totally mesmerising

There is really nothing more soothing than watching a cake being iced. There's just something about seeing those silky globules coming together to form a beautifully iced cake that is so incredibly satisfying. 

Maybe it's because you can imagine sinking your teeth/entire face into the layer of pillowy icing, followed by soft, delicious sponge. 

Whatever the reason, people love watching cake icing videos - and one particular baker's icing skills have got millions of people from across the globe tuning in to her mesmerising Instagram videos. 

Self-taught New York baker Chelsey White films herself putting the finishing touches on her glorious technicolour bakes - often set to soothing music - and it's totally hypnotic to watch. 


Continuing the pink theme ���� #pink #buttercream #funfetti #cake #chelsweets

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Be prepared to lose half an hour of your life scrolling through her page.


There's nothing better when you're feeling stressed out than taking a few minutes to watch someone feathering melted chocolate.


Please enjoy this video of Chelsey piping ever-increasing dollops of shiny pink meringue onto baking paper.


We could watch chocolate ganache dripping down the sides of a cake all day long.


It's so therapeutic.


However, there is one side-effect we should probably tell you about - you will definitely want cake after watching these videos.


You have been warned.


Ending the weekend like ������ #sundayscaries #red #wine #cake #buttercream #chelsweets

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