12 Hilarious Cake Fails You Have To See

When baking goes wrong...

By Alexia Dellner, 27 June 2016
12 Hilarious Cake Fails You Have To See

Who doesn't love cake? Especially when it's for a celebration like a birthday or graduation ceremony. Making your own cake doesn't have to be difficult but for a special occasion, it's time to call the professionals. Intricate designs and pretty messages require the hands of a seasoned pro. But as these hilarious cake fails show, sometimes even they can get it wrong!

From funny mispelled words to bakers following instructions a little too literally, we've rounded up some of the funniest cake fails on the internet. It just goes to show how important it is to give very clear instructions – and to spell check! Get ready for a giggle with these hilarious baking mishaps...

1. Oh dear, there's just so much wrong with this. 

2. Jenna is 40th?


Jenna is 40th. Epic #cakefail

A photo posted by Jenna Koff (@yesicancanjams) on

3. An unsuccessful cake


It's impotant to learn how to spell before you write on a cake. #cakefail #endofyearcelecration

A photo posted by @moonallergy on

4. Happy 21th birthday!

5. Don't forget to taste the cake before you decorate!

6. 'What do you want written on the cake?' 


I have a feeling this baker is going through an existentialist crisis. Don't we all at some point??

A photo posted by Cakes and a Crumb (@cakesandacrumb) on

7. Happy Mothday!

8. Hope you have a harry birthday!


#Harrygirthday #cakefail #youhadonejob #jewel #atleastitwasdelicious

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9. Here's an idea...

10. Looks like someone ran out of space...


Went to #jjbakery and this is what I got. #cakefail #hewasanidiot #ranoutofroom

A photo posted by Portia Gonzalez (@salsera_pinky) on

11. Well, at least these two cakes look the same


More cake fails! These never get old! ������ #cakefail

A photo posted by Shelley Marie (@shelley1277) on

12. Well, the writing is in purple...


These pics are all over the net, but ALWAYS funny! ������ #cakefail

A photo posted by Shelley Marie (@shelley1277) on

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