The biggest cake trends you need to know about

We bring you unicorn creations, marvellous metallic designs and amazing smash cakes

The biggest cake trends you need to know about

Cake trends are the new catwalk trends. From rainbow sponges, to naked finishes, surprise inside cakes and defying gravity masterpieces, it's a fast moving world when it comes to baking.

If you've been out of the loop and don't know your mirror glaze from your drip cake, don't worry because we've put together a few of our favourite recent trends so you can get involved in all those Bake Off chats...

Mirror cakes

Possibly the most impressive and awe-inspiring is the mirror glaze cake. Made with melted chocolate and gelatine, the final effect is an incredible reflective shine that you see in the finest French patisseries. So if you're looking to bake something for a friend's birthday, then this is bound to reflect well on you!


ombre cakes

These beautiful cakes, where the icing goes from light to dark, are all the rage for wedding cakes. In our version of the ombre cake, we've used ready to roll icing, with varying amounts of purple colouring to create this masterpiece. The frill effect is created by using the back of a teaspoon to thin out the top edge, before attaching to the cake. It's much easier than it sounds, we promise.



pinata cakes

If you haven't heard of piñata cakes, where have you been? The easiest baking showstopper, these cakes have a surprise inside when cut into, making it the ideal cake for a celebration when there is a crowd watching. Our masterclass piñata cake combines two trends in one; the rainbow coloured sponge layers, and a surprise filling of sweeties. 


unicorn cakes 

The mythical and magical animals first appeared in toast form, then as chocolate and now, as a spellbinding and mesmerising unicorn cake creation. We just can't get enough. For an added touch of magic, sprinkle your unicorn with edible glitter


Marble cakes

We've all heard of marble cakes where different coloured sponges are swirled together to create a marble effect. But now it's all about the marble icing effect. Our version of the Marble Cake is made by lightly blending together different coloured frosting with a palette knife. It comes with a decadent duo of Madeira and chocolate sponges, all luxuriously whirled with smooth caramel and chocolate flavoured frosting. 

Freakshake cakes

Marvellous in every shape and way, this invention is a mega take on the mouthwatering milkshake. Sweet sponge, jam and strawberry flavour buttercream whipped up with a mountain of frosting and chocolate treat calls for a celebration! For those who would rather get double the dose of chocolate, try our Caramel and Chocolate Freakshake Cake and for white chocolate lovers try our Strawberry and White Chocolate Freakshake Cake


Drip cakes 

The drip cake has been dominating Pinterest for the last year. Who'd had thought that dripping melted chocolate over an iced sponge cake could look so great? Our Chocolate Drip Cake has a rich sponge and is filled with frosting. It also comes with a chocolate flavour sauce poured over the top. It's then been generously scattered with handfuls of chocolate treats. Yum! 

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