Pulled mushroom dogs

Campfire Cookup

Dish up our easy campfire delights

Campfire Cookup

Got a few logs and some matches? Then you can create your own campfire before you can say s'mores! Setting up camp in your back garden can transport you into the holiday mood you may be craving right now, so sit back and take a look out our ultimate campfire dishes – ones to share with family, devour by yourself or enjoy just for a bit of escapism. We love these yummy recipes and we know you will too!


Savoury saviours

Pulled mushroom dog

Much room for mushroom? Get your campfire adventure off to a flying start with these savoury veggie-filled treats. Torn oyster mushrooms give these pulled mushroom dogs a meaty feel and will certainly leave you wanting more! Top tip: Lightly toast the bun in the oven or even over the campfire for an added smoky flavour.



chilli cheese hot dogs 

Looking for a meaty main? These classic dogs are the solution! Pair chilli and cheese for a winning duo in this American-style hot dog takeover. Fried onion, pops of cajun spice and a dollop of sour cream top these off nicely, way too good to share!


halloumi and vegetable kebabs

Name a better combination than halloumi and grilled veggies... Found one? Didn't think so! Sprinkle these with a little za'atar (a Middle-eastern flavour-packed spice) to add a bit of something special to these veggie kebabs.



Spinach, bean & feta sweet potato parcels

A meat-free marvel to behold! Load 'em up with beans, feta and spinach and have a healthy portable and fuss-free dish to enjoy, fireside. 



Fancy something sweet?


Marshmallow, chocolate and caramel banana boats

Drool! How good does this deliciously indulgent dessert look? Gooey banana layered with yummy caramel and melted chocolate – what could be better? Once baked, grab a spoon and dig in.



Strawberry kebabs

Layer up your kebab, place over the fire, lightly toast your marshmallows and warm up those strawberries, a winning combo, one you will want to try time and time again. A simple treat for slow evenings spent in the garden. Eat these fruity sweet kebabs on their own or whip up the boozy sauce to drizzle on top too!



best-ever hot chocolate

When we say this is the best-ever, we truly mean it. This recipe is deliciously rich and sippable! Curl up with a mug of this yummy hot choccy and you will feel all warm and cosy inside. Top with marshmallows and whipped cream if you're feeling extra indulgent!



chocolate and cherry cookie dough skillet bake 

Warm and gooey, this hot-meets-cold sharing dessert has a fruity cherry twist and we just can't get enough. A sharing dish for the family, with all the good bits! Bake in the oven, bring outside and enjoy by the campfire until the late evening.



Ready for a camping trip in the back garden? Find more inspo here and find all the recipe ingredients you will need at asda.com or at your local store here.

Build your fire in a clear area, away from a shed, fence, trees and shrubs. Keep children and pets supervised and never leave an open fire unattended. Have a bucket of water or sand nearby for emergencies, and make sure the fire is extinguished completely when you’ve finished.