The Cereal Café Food Trend That’s Sweeping The Nation

Including the number 1 order on the menu…

The Cereal Café Food Trend That’s Sweeping The Nation

It's a go-to for busy families and a surprisingly versatile ingredient in the kitchen, but has the humble cereal become the latest craze for eating out?

According to cereal café Black Milk Cereal Dive in Manchester, it has! "I think the reason it's so popular is because we deliver cereal in a different way," says founder Oliver Taylor, "people come in and they love the quirkiness of it – they can have cereal with ice cream, cereal in a milkshake that's topped with cake and we have a lot of international brands, too." The number one cereal from Black Milk's extensive menu? The 'Om Nom Nom': a mouthwatering combination of Cookie Crisp, Hershey’s Cookies n Creme, Krave Choc that’s topped with oreos, whipped cream, fudge milk and chocolate sauce. Wow!



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This delicious trend started in London, where two Cereal Killer cafés are still seeing lines out the door for their crunchy creations. The cereal cafés are chock full of 80s and 90s memorabilia (remember VHS?) and often play 90s alternative music or other 'guilty pleasures'. Choose from over 120 cereals, 30 different milks and 20 toppings.

Featuring American classics like Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch or British favourites like Honey Pops and Krave Milk Chocolate, they've also got a few international picks like Chocopic from France and Milo from Australia. And while there's nothing wrong with a cool bowl of skimmed milk, diners have the option to shake things up with flavoured milks like bubble gum or salted caramel. If it's all too much to choose from, try one of the café's cereal creations like the 'Shooty Shooty Bang Bang' featuring Krave cereal, Milky Way magic stars, popping candy chocolate and white chocolate milk. Talk about a sugar rush!

Shop co-owner Alan Keery reveals that the most popular order is the 'Chocopottomus' cereal cocktail: a mix of Krave cocopops, a happy hippo and chocolate milk! According to Alan: "It looks like a hippo floating in a swamp!"


Perhaps not an ideal breakfast but doesn't it look delicious? And anyway, these yummy creations aren't meant to start your day. "It's not just cereal served in a bowl. We turn it into an indulgence and as a treat to have every now and again," explains Oliver.

With Black Milk Cereal Dive already expanding its original café and set to open a second, bigger branch before summer kicks in, it looks like the cereal café trend is here to stay! Will you give it a go?

Inspired to create your own cereal café at home? Find delicious cereals at Asda - we've got breakfast covered!