20 easy bakes for under 50p

Per person, most of these budget-friendly showstoppers work out at 50p or under

20 easy bakes for under 50p

Thanks to store cupboard staples like flour, butter and eggs literally being the bread and butter when it comes to baking, making a cake doesn't have to break the bank.

In fact, some of the baking classics like lemon drizzle cake, chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes can be made and enjoyed for just 30p per person. 

If that sounds like your kind of baking, feast your eyes on our round-up below. Most of these tasty treats cost under 50p per serving. Plus, they don't take too long to make, so you won't be standing in a hot kitchen or slaving over a stove to enjoy these baked beauties. 


Cherry lamingtons

Cost: 23p per serving

This fruity take on the classic Australian cake looks as good as it tastes. Lamingtons make for a delicious teatime treat as these mini sponge cakes have been decorated with cherry jam and tossed in desiccated coconut. And, at just 23p per serving, it would be a shame not to enjoy with a cuppa. 


Mixed berry buns

Cost: 24p per serving

What a treat these mixed berry buns are! Packed with juicy red fruits and topped with an orange drizzle, these beauties make could be enjoyed warm as a late weekend breakfast treat or served up cold at a picnic. 


Battenberg cake

Cost: 20p per serving

You can't beat a Battenberg Cake, especially when it looks this inviting. Battenberg cakes are known for their pretty marzipan shell in addition to their yellow and pink two-by-two check pattern inside. Follow our recipe for a delicious and pretty iconic cake that will cost just 20p per person. 


Mojito drizzle loaf cake

Cost: 24p per serving

This Mojito Drizzle Loaf Cake is for adults only! Containing a rum-infused syrup this is a sweet and minty taste sensation that comes with a Caribbean kick. Serve up with a cold beverage after hours! 

Gluten-free coconut nest cake

Cost: 27p per serving

Believe it or not, this gluten-free sponge coconut nest cake equates to just 27p per person. Filled with coconut, vanilla and white chocolate and topped with extra coconut shavings for good measure, it's a showstopper if we ever did see one. 


Hawaiian pineapple pudding cake

Cost: 18p per serving

Sweet and super fruity, this Hawaiian Pineapple Pudding Cake is just the thing for summer. It's full of refreshing and ripe flavours like coconut and pineapple chunks - be sure serve with coconut or mango ice cream for an after-dinner hit. 

Carrot cake cupcakes

Cost: 12p per serving

Combining two of our favourites, carrot cake and cupcakes, this classic bake comes in bitesize form. This recipe makes 12 cupcakes and works out just 12p per cupcake. Ideal if your baking with the kids and on a budget. 


Yogurt and lemon cake

Cost: 19p per serving

Lemon cake is always a winner and this recipe is no exception. We've incorporated yogurt into this masterpiece as it helps to keep it deliciously moist. Paired with the zesty flavouring of lemon and you've got a firm family favourite!


Chocolate chip cookies

Cost: 16p per serving

It wouldn't be a baking round-up without including a recipe for some chocolate chip cookies. Follow this method to create some gloriously sweet and chewy chocolate chip cookies. 


Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cost: 21p per serving

Speaking of chocolate chip cookies, just in case the previous ones weren't chocolatey enough for you, these delights come with an extra gooey choc centre – exactly the kind of thing that dreams are made of!


Surprise swiss roll

Cost: 36p per serving

The ultimate treat of a sponge cake roll filled with whipped cream has had a 21st-century makeover. Our Swiss roll might look normal on the outside, but just wait until you cut into it...



Caramelised pear & chocolate upside-down cake

Cost: 15p per serving

Costing 15p per serving, this gorgeously indulgent yet so simple to make caramelised pear and chocolate upside-down cake is best enjoyed warm. Make this lip-smacking number earlier in the day and then just pop into the oven 5 minutes before serving. 


Raspberry chocolate brownies

Cost: 32p per serving

Anything chocolate-filled gets out vote! If you agree, you'll find these gooey and rich raspberry chocolate brownies irresistible. The addition of raspberries adds some refreshing fruity bursts to an already sweet bake. 


Blueberry surprise gâteau

Cost: 38p per serving

Already spectacular, this blueberry surprise gateau has a blueberry wow-factor when you cut into it! Couple that with its 38p per serving factor and you have a cake made for special (and not so special) occasions. 


Cinnamon grape muffins

Cost: 25p per serving

Use up any uneaten grapes in this cinnamon and grape muffin recipe. Although we're partial to a muffin filled with chocolate, the sweetness of the grapes in this recipe helps to add a similar taste.

No-added sugar blueberry doughnuts

Cost: 13p per serving

Just when you think these blueberry doughnuts couldn't look more appealing, you find out there is no-added-sugar and they cost 13p per serving. We think that makes it the perfect summer snack!

Guinness cake

Cost: 48p per serving

Despite this cake containing 250ml of Guinness, it still works out at 48p per serving when you're cutting 24 slices.  If you're looking for a rich cake, call of the search: thanks to the addition of the Irish stout, this bake is rich, malty and full of flavour.  



Shortbread dipped biscuit

Cost: 12p per serving

There's nothing quite like the smell of homemade shortbread baking away in your oven. Get the kids involved and try our shortbread recipe with comes with a gold crunch – it adds a touch of glam to these fun biscuits.

Red velvet bites

Cost: 19p per serving

These red velvet bites can be made in 12 minutes, cost 19p per head and can be cooked in a microwave. Need any more reasons to bake this twist on the classic cake? We didn't think so! 


White Chocolate Rocky Road

Cost: 19p per serving

For all those who would rather their baking include no oven time, try our white chocolate rocky road. This sweet and sugary treat will take you back to your childhood. Made from biscuit pieces, mini marshmallows, and pistachios and topped with white chocolate, we've arranged mini Party Rings on top to add to the prettiness.

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