Chocolate, caramel and almond tart

The best quick and easy super-speedy Christmas desserts

Using clever hacks and cheats to create wow-factor treats – all the indulgence and none of the stress

The best quick and easy super-speedy Christmas desserts

We like a fancy, fuss-free winter dessert as much as the next person. 

Which is exactly the reason why we wanted to pull together a round-up of wonderful Christmas-inspired puds, that involve minimal prep but still wow.

If this sounds like your kind of after-meal magic, look this way for our cheat's desserts which use ready-made pastry bases, already-cooked cakes and some have just two ingredients!

The last thing this year needs is a stressful Christmas and thanks to our easy desserts, you can spend more time eating and less time cooking. 

Easy no-bake profiterole cake 

You'd never know we've used our ready-made frozen dessert of Profiteroles and Chocolate Sauce to make this 'cake', right? In this easy no-bake profiterole cake, airy, ready-prepped choux bites are layered with thick chocolate cream and ripe berries for pure, heavingly indulgence. For this pud, raspberries are the perfect topping as they add little pops of bright red. But it works just as well with any other berries or tropical fruit that needs using up. This masterpiece serves 20 and works out at 57p per serving. Divine! 

Lotus biscoff semifreddo cheesecake

How delicious does our Lotus Biscoff Semifreddo cheesecake look? The spiced caramel Biscoff biscuits and crunchy spread have been used for the base and topping of this frozen delight. Plus, you'll be pleased to know that the creamy Italian-inspired semifreddo can be made a few weeks in advance. Simply keep the mix in the freezer, then add the base, fruit topping, and drizzle with the Biscoff spread shortly before you serve it. 


Chocolate, caramel & almond tart

Every Christmas dinner should end with chocolate. And this chocolate, caramel and almond tart really is a pudding worth waiting for. To make it, we've used a ready-made butter pastry case, filled it with gooey caramel and super-simple rich ganache and topped it with crunchy chocolate nuts for a luxurious treat. Chopping the chocolate up finely helps it to melt into the cream for a quick and easy silky ganache. But don't fret! If it does go lumpy, quickly zap the mixture in the microwave for 10 minutes at a time, stirring after each burst. 

Cheat's Jamaica cake sticky toffee pudding

Gather round ginger cake lovers! We've used the majestical McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake for this super simple (but tasty) sticky toffee pudding. Simply top the whole cake with a toffee sauce and fudge for a sensational treat. You'll wonder why you haven't tried it before! To add a special grown-up flavour, stir 1-2tbsp dark spiced rum into the toffee sauce. Delicious! 

No-churn mince pie ice cream

It wouldn't be a winter dessert round-up without some form of mince pie goodness. We give you, no-churn mince pie ice cream! For this frosty festive treat, crumble ready-made mince pies into your favourite vanilla ice cream then freeze overnight. Simples! A fuss-free dessert doesn't get much better than that. 

Feeling inspired to whip up some of these easy-to-make desserts? Head over to Asda for everything you need and more.