7 mouth-watering cheesecakes to sink your teeth into

We simply can't get enough of that crumbly biscuit base and rich, creamy topping

7 mouth-watering cheesecakes to sink your teeth into

Creamy, indulgent and easy peasy to make; a cheesecake makes the perfect after-dinner treat. 

And whether you're baking it, fridge-setting it, or simply dolloping the components together and eating it there and then, there's a cheesecake for every occasion. 

Here are seven recipes to get stuck into.

1. Strawberry cheesecake

Every baker needs a classic cheesecake recipe in their repertoire that they can whip out at any occasion. This classic strawberry cheesecake requires no baking (but quite a bit of chilling time) making it the perfect summertime treat. You could also swap the strawberries in this recipe for raspberries or blueberries; whatever takes your fancy. 

2. New York cheesecake

We love a rich, smooth and creamy classic baked cheesecake, and this one definitely has the wow-factor. Serve this tangy, semi-crumbly wonder with fresh seasonal fruit for the ultimate after-dinner showstopper.

3. Limoncello cheesecake

After something with a little kick? Try replacing the standard digestive base in any cheesecake recipe with crushed ginger nut biscuits to add something new into the mix. These summery limoncello cheesecake squares - perfect for (grown-up) parties - do just that, complimenting the punchy hit of limoncello in the creamy filling.


We really love cheesecake, and we really love brownies - and that’s how these irresistible raspberry cheesecake brownies were born. Simply dollop spoonfuls of cheesecake filling into a tray of brownie batter (use a pre-made brownie mix if you’re short on time; don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone…), then stud with raspberries for two delicious, indulgent desserts in one. Who could possibly say no?

5. Gluten-free lemon cheesecake

No one has to miss out on the fun with this gluten-free baked lemon cheesecake recipe. Swapping the normal digestive base for a gluten-free shortbread biscuit means it's still just as tasty and crumbly - simply wheat-free! It's also super simple to make, and the perfect creamy, zesty dessert that the whole family will love. 

6. Chocolate muffin cheesecake

Love muffins? How about cheesecake? Get the best of both worlds with this twist on a classic dessert - a buttery biscuit base is covered in chocolate muffin batter then smothered with cheesecake filling that's then all baked into one ridiculously delicious hybrid creation. 

7. Instant cheesecakes

Got that cheesecake craving after reading about so many delicious recipes? Don't panic. You can enjoy all the elements and flavours of cheesecake in an instant with these mini cheesecake bites. All the ingredients are simply stacked on top of each other so no real 'cooking' is required.

We've used raspberry conserve and blueberries here, but lemon curd and zest would also work well. Go on, run to the fridge and make yourself one right now. We're not judging.

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