3 Cherry Cocktail Recipes That Are Perfect For Summer

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3 Cherry Cocktail Recipes That Are Perfect For Summer

Fruit tastes best when in season and right now is the perfect time to enjoy plump, juicy cherries. These beautiful fruits are delicious when eaten on their own or in sweet bakes, like cherry lattice pie and cherry ice cream. But if you’ve never tried them in a cocktail then you’re in for a serious treat! 

Cherry cocktails are a fabulous way to add a fresh twist to your favourite tipple and a fun way to experiment with bold flavours. From combining cherry jam with tequila to finishing off your cocktail with a cherry on the rim, we’ve got three delicious cherry cocktails you'll love. Created by some of the coolest mixologists in the UK, there's something for every taste. Cheers! 

Sage Advice

Vincenzo Sibilia, the head manager at hidden speakeasy Barts in London's Chelsea, serves this delicious cherry cocktail featuring sage, gin and strawberry purée at the popular late-night spot.


8 x fresh sage leaves
4 x cherries
Juice of half a fresh lemon
40ml Bombay Original
15ml strawberry purée
10ml simple syrup
Garnish - cherry, strawberry, lemon twist and sage


Muddle fresh cherries in a Boston glass or shaker, then add sage and massage
Add all other ingredients and shake over ice
Single strain into a stemmed beer glass filled 2/3 full with cubed ice, add straw and garnish

Top tip: To make simple syrup, pour equal parts water and sugar in a saucepan. Gently heat the ingredients until dissolved and allow to cool. That's it!

Cobbler de cereza

Jakub Pesko is head mixologist at LIBRARY - the hotel, restaurant and private member’s club in London’s Covent Garden. Cherry liquor mixed with tequila and topped with grapefruit and black pepper is one of his favourite combinations. Give it a go below!


40 ml Tequila Blanco 
15ml Cherry Heering (or other cherry brandy liquor)
5ml balsamic vinegar
2tspn cherry jam
2pcs lime wedges
2pcs grapefruit slices
1pinch of freshly cracked black pepper


Place limes and grapefruits in a julep cup and press
Add pepper and remaining ingredients
Add crushed ice and swizzle or churn until cup gets frosted and all ingredients get mixed properly
Finally add more crushed ice and garnish with cherries, fresh citruses, mint spring and cracked pepper

Mary Pickford

Paul MacDonald is a mixologist from the hugely popular Hamilton's Bar and Kitchen in Edinburgh, Scotland. In this Mary Pickford cocktail (named after the famous Hollywood film star), sweet cherry liquor is combined with rum and pineapple juice for a tropical tipple. 


50ml white rum
25ml fresh pineapple juice
12.5ml Grenadine
5ml maraschino liqueur


Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake till blended
Double strain into a chilled Corbett (sherry) glass and garnish with a maraschino cherry