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Why Has This Chocolate Dessert Video Been Viewed More Than 3million Times?

This magical step-by-step is going viral for a very good reason

Why Has This Chocolate Dessert Video Been Viewed More Than 3million Times?

Have you seen the viral video of the chocolate ball dessert yet? If not, you've come to the right place. This amazing creation is being called everything from 'the magical melting dessert' to 'the amazing chocolate ball sundae', but one thing is for certain – this chocolaty beast has grabbed the attention of readers and vloggers alike due to its very implosive nature. 

Watch professional Chef Byron Talbott create the chocolate ball dessert below and all will be revealed:

Perfect for a party or event, this dessert consists of three parts: a hollow chocolate ball, a hidden dessert and some hot chocolate, fudge or caramal sauce. As soon as you poor the melted liquid on to your dessert, the chocolate ball dissolves to reveal the grand finale and turns your ball into a mouthwatering chocolate sauce. Yum!

The prep does takes a bit of work, but it’s definitely worth it. Not sure where to start? Here's four easy steps to getting it right...

1. Melt some chocolate in the microwave.

2. Make a hollow chocolate ball shape with a hole in the bottom. You can find out how in our masterclass chocolate eggshells recipe.

3. Put your filling of choice on a plate, before placing the chocolate globe carefully over it. Make sure the filling is hidden inside the chocolate sphere.

4. Bring the dessert to your guest, before pouring over hot fudge or melted chocolate at the table. Violà! Your hard chocolate ball should melt away, revealing the yummy dessert on the inside and wowing your dinner guests.

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